The Talk Wargaming Network is a great group to be apart of with the benefit of a fancy feature other networks don't have/don't execute well enough.

What's different is you place a small piece of code that updates periodically with every post from the other sites within the network including yours! 

Simply the Talk Wargaming Network is an extra syndication that you place on your website, so instead of simply having an image pointing to the "host" website where your posts will display you'll have your posts upon every single website within the network.

Think of all this as a web of interconnecting links that place your content far and wide. 

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The Network's Mission 

Our goal is to help fellow hobbyists display their content that may otherwise be hidden from the overall wargaming audience!

Who Is Welcome? 

Anyone with a primarily wargaming focused website is welcome to join.

There is only one stipulation everyone must follow and that is you must post at least 1 time a month and that's it with all of the rules.

How To Join

Make Sure To Give Us 
  • A Way To Contact You For Confirmation And Future Updates (E-Mail Is Preferred)
  • Website Name And URL 
  • RSS / ATOM / XML Feed Address 

Send A Message To Us Here: 
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    Email *

Once you submit your message we'll send you a confirmation email with the rest of the instructions to officially complete your registration of joining the network.

Other Than That Welcome To The Talk Wargaming Network Fellow Wargamer!