The Talk Wargaming Blog Network differs from the rest as you don't simple place an image on your site, you place a small piece of code that updates periodically with every post from the sites within the network. In essence the Talk Wargaming Blog Network is an extra "blogroll" that you place on your site. So instead of simply having an image pointing to the "host" site where your posts will display your posts will display upon every single site within the network. Think the TWG Blog Network as a web of interconnecting links that place your content far and wide.

The TWG Blog Network Mission

As a mutually beneficial blog networking endeavor our goal is simply to share everyone's content with everyone else whilst increasing everyone's exposure. We want each of our members to check out one anothers posts and be visually reminded of our brothers whenever we visit a TWG Blog Network Blog.

How To Join

Joining is a simple case of placing one of the following code blocks on your site. We have two different options, one is for light skinned sites and the other is for dark.

Light Themed Sites

Dark Themed Sites

This will display the Network Feed on your site wherever you decide to put it. This will display the last 7 posts from any blogs within the group on every site that's in the group - you can see an example of the feed to the right in our center column.

For blogspot blogs go to LAYOUT > ADD GADGET and simply place this code within a "HTML/PHP GADGET"

If you need any help adding the code please let me know and I'll help you right away.

Email me when you add the CODE

When you have added the code and the feed is displaying upon your site please send us an email to or contact us via the contact form at the lower left of the page. Include your Blog Name, URL and RSS/ATOM/XML feed address in the message so we can add your posts to our list.

If you wish to a post telling your readers that you've joined our network would be wonderful for spreading the word.

How Soon Will You Update?

I live online pretty much every day so I'll be able to keep this feed updated every day or two. I'll also make a post once per week detailing who has recently joined the blog network. The actual feed updates around 30 minutes after you post (sometimes longer, sometimes quicker)

Who Is Welcome?

Anyone with a primarily wargaming focused blog is welcome to join. There are no time online or update frequency restrictions. We do however have one main stipulation and that is language. Anyone that includes vulgar language within their titles will be asked to refrain from doing so or leave the network. Remember, your content will be displayed upon dozens of sites so respect the owners of those sites and avoid swearing.

That's about all - it's time the Wargaming Blogosphere has a blog network whose focus is on the members and not the backlinks/self promotion.

Get involved - this beast can be massive.