TalkWargaming is coming back, and this time with a different approach. With content we plan on sticking to 4 core topics Stories, Campaigns, Tutorials, and Conversions in every genre of the hobby with no bias towards any one game.
Being a writer in this category has a lot of creativity to work with. Writers in this category will be telling a narratively driven story about their army in fighting the battles that lead to their overall objective. The writers that will be picked to write for an army will be picked on qualities we wish to experiment with.  
Will be broken down from Sci-Fi, Historical, Modern, and Fantasy and will host written and video content within these categories
  1. How To Create.
  2. How To Paint.
  3. How To Add.
  4. How To Build.
  5. Starter Guides.
  6. How To Make.
  7. How To Convert.
  8. Etc.
This will consist of unique stories that are informative, funny, incite emotion, and debatable.
The Content Creator Is Vital To The Success Of The Website.

Your role as The Editor Of TalkWargaming will be:
  • Source Content from Content Creators.
  • Experiment and Have Projects Created By Content Creators.

  (Example Scenario)
Let's say you want to do a 101 ways to use green stuff story. You're going to need to scour places such as blogs, forums, etc. to find people using green stuff on a project and have them give you the right to use their work to craft the major story or you as the editor can get someone and delegate the project to them instead. While you focus on getting other content onto the website.

The Editor position will require a good amount of hours each week but this will depend on how the person in as Editor delegates projects of the high quality standard set.  
   Qualities We Are Looking For In A Person :
  • Has A Passion For The War Gaming Hobby.
  • Open To Experimenting Or Trying Out Different Content And Strategies.
  • Will Not Let Game Bias Influence What Content Gets Published Onto The Website.
  • Team Player Who Can Understand The Necessities To Delegate Assignments/Projects.

The Editor position will be entitled to:
  • A Higher Percentage Profit Sharing Plan & A Sign On Fee.
  • A Lower Percentage Profit Sharing Plan & A Fixed Monthly Payment That Will Increase Overtime As Progress Milestones Are Achieved.

Get In Touch Here If Interested Or Have Additional Questions: