Maybe you run a blog/website or a YouTube channel and you desire to have more wargamers interact with your content or you want a better avenue to make hobby money to keep in your "secret" Hobby emergency fund that only you use on Hobby related things that come up. 

Today is your lucky day fellow wargamer!

At Talk Wargaming we have created a range of plans available for Hobby Bloggers and Creators alike to gain exposure and make some hobby money. 




Selling over full ownership/copyright of your content to us for an agreed upon amount while being credited as the author/creator. 


Receive a small fixed fee for letting us post your content exclusively on TWG while being credited as the author/creator. 

Being Featured

If you got the stuff, being featured entails you to receiving exposure from hundreds of readers while also receiving full credit as  author/creator plus a link back to your website/YouTube/blog/etc.

Genres We're Looking For Content In

  • Historical.
  • Sci-fi.
  • Fantasy. 

Type Of Content

  • Campaigns/Battle Reports.
  • Conversion (Tutorials/Stories).
  • Tutorials.
  • Stories (Ex. The Day In The Life Of A Hobby Shop Owner).
  • Cool Photos of your miniatures/displays/dioramas/etc.

Don't be afraid to send in content that was posted on your blogs or YouTube pages long ago we're accepting everything no matter the age.

If you would like to discuss more please contact us using the form below. 

By telling us about yourself & something for us to look at (A site/YouTube channel/or something to read).

Tell Others You Know Who Would Be Interested In Participating! 

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