TalkWarGaming is the first dedicated wargaming chatsite ever. A place for like minded, enthusiastic wargamers to come together and talk in realtime about the hobby they love.

Our Mission

TalkWarGaming strives to provide you with a free, user friendly, well known and utilized resource. Somewhere to kickback make friends, talk tips and tactics and fill the midweek wargaming void with realtime discussions with people all over the world. Just drop the excessive profanity and play nice!

Accessing TWG

To ease peoples access to the chatsite we've included android and iOS app support and even social connect features that allow people to log in with existing Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts.

Fun and Games

Our chatroom also includes hundreds of fun flash games, free of course.

The Blog Front End

You have probably noticed the blog front end, this is where we serve up a daily dose of wargaming news, rumors and modelling tips. We also provide reviews, rumors, tips, tactics and anything else we deem interesting for our readership.

We would also like to stress that TWG is a growing entity, our targets are defined but our means of attaining them are not. We will evolve as we grow, we will recruit from within our readership and listen to the views and opinions of the people we cater to. Your opinions are of paramount importance to us - so why not dive into the chat right now and let us hear them?