Ever wanted to be more than just a wargamer? 

Ever wanted to be more than just a wargamer?

After years of hard work the owners have decided to move onto other projects that required more time than what could be currently given to talkwargaming.com and are looking for someone interested in potentially taking it over to run.

For those that do not know talkwargaming.com is a media website that brings news, curated content from bloggers, and original content within the miniature wargaming world especially Sci-Fi.

tabletopready.com is an affiliate website to talkwargaming.com that is used to hold all of the email addresses from wargamers all around the globe who want to receive our content in their inboxes through a newsletter every week.

If you’re interested and want more information on the websites please contact here: http://tabletopready.com/contact-us/

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