This is a quick and easy process that allows me to paint raw wood very quickly to a good visual (if a bit cartoon like) quality.

Painting Wood Process Step By Step

I start with a black primer base.  I try for complete coverage but if its a little weak in the crevices I don'y worry about it too much.  You can see that the primer coat has some holes in the coverage...

I've settled on some specific colors but they have easy equivalents in all brands.

First I do a heavy damp brush across the grain with Vallejo 'Flames of War' series German cam pale brown.

Next I do a medium dry brush of of Vallejo Tan Earth. this is on one direction across the grain and is a little heavier than a top hoghlight dry-brush would be.

This two tone start gives good  depth to the piece.
 Next I do a liberal wash of Secret Weapon Dark Sepia.  This wash is along the grain and covers the whole piece. 

 The Secret Weapon washes are very heavily pigmented and tint the piece, even the black primer, which becomes tinted enough to be a real base shadow.  They are also good at covering any holes in the primer coat.
 When the wash has thoroughly dried I do a very light cross-grain dry-brush of Vallejo Sunny Skin Tone.

I repeat the Sunny Skin Tone very lightly along the edges and in other areas of the model that would be considered 'high traffic' or have a lot of sun exposure.

If there are any areas, especially in crevices, that are still showing primer holes or the wood is an outdoor item, like wood exposed beneath shingle or a post, I outline them with Secret Weapon Sewer Water which has a slight green cast to it.  This makes the area look water damaged and mildewed.  If you want it to look rotten just replace the Sewer Water with the Secret Weapon Baby Poop which more green than the Sewer Water.

Fast, easy, effective!

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