I have been using a method for creating blood and gore effects for my Space Wolves, and have had a few requests over time on how I achieve it, so I thought I would knock up a quick tutorial to show those of you interested how to do it.

Blood and Gore Tutorial

Painting Blood and Gore

First the equipment. You will need :- paint - Tamiya clear red (or the Gw blood effects will do fine) and any black paint (I use Vallejo personally). Tools - cocktail stick, very old paintbrush and a tube of standard UHU glue (do not get the UHU power, as it will not work for this)

So for the first stage the tamiya red is dispensed onto a mixing surface and a small blob of the black is then mixed in to give a dark red effect. (This is the gore)

Grab your coctail stick and the glue and blob a reasonably large bit into the paint and mix it all together.

Use the cocktail stick to start applying the mixture to your model. You will see that the glue makes the paint stringy, which is how the gore effect is created (it works for adding gory texture to swords ect as well. See pic at end). Note:- the glue dries very quickly , so you will have about a minute or two to apply the mix before it starts to set. It is better to work in small batches to avoid wasting loads.

Once the glue and paint mixture has dried, go over the areas with the unmixed red blood paint. I usually cover the gory bits and then start fanning the brush strokes out for greater coverage and graduation. Once this has dried you are all finished, and should have a suitably gory model staring back at you :)

Here are a few more pics of different ways I have used this effect.

Just the gore applied

Now with the blood effect blended in

It can add nice texture to a bloody sword.

What did you think of this tutorial? Was it helpful or could I expand upon any of the points more?

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