Everyone has a general idea on how to pin, yet not many people actually do it. Lets fix that.

In its simplest form, pinning is joining and solidifying two separate sections. Most people have a "rough" idea how to do it but that is all.

Naturally, the larger a model gets the greater the requirement to "pin". This isn't quite so true with large plastic figures but metals and resins you're going to need a solid understanding of pinning.

Step One

First and foremost, clean the surfaces you intend to pin together. The smoother and cleaner the joint the easier the entire process becomes.

Step Two

Next you're going to drill a hole in both sides, making sure they line up. A trick can be to place a small paint blob on both sides, this acts as a guide and gives you another line of defense against mistakes.

As a rule I prefer to drill around 5mm deep on both side, obviously this is figure permitting, often you only have a few mm to play with. 

Step Three

At this point you need to take the material you're going to deploy as a pin and, usually a paperclip is perfect for this so make sure it has no bends, straighten it out and remove any kinks. A small miniature vice can help with any stubborn bends.

Step Four

Place a blob of superglue on one end of the pin and push it into one side of the piece you're pinning. Leave this for several minutes to dry and become strong.


Step Five

When you're happy that the glue has gone off and dried trim the pin to the correct size is relation to the hole on the other piece.

A test run by join the pieces together will help ensure the fit is perfectly aligned.

As soon as you're satisfied that the two separate pieces conjoin perfectly drop some super glue into the hole and slot them together. When they dry you should have a really solid joint.


Step Six

Step six isn't totally necessary, often the joint cannot be seen without tipping the model upside down but if it can a little gap filling work with greenstuff can be carried out to mask the joint.

                                                                                                                         -Lee Jerrum
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