Anyone who has used an airbrush knows that you can achieve some fantastic shading effects with them as well covering large areas in record time. If you make use of masking you can further extend the airbrushes usefulness by creating interesting patterns and effects. However, masking tapes only go so far. They can be prone to bleeding and if you cut them too thin they lose their adherence to the surface. Trying to attain a pattern over a large area can take forever to mask out and unless your handy with a protractor then you will struggle to achieve a good level of complexity.

Thankfully, there exists companies such as Anarchy Models who create excellent easy to use stencils that you you can use on your miniatures. Anarchy Models already has an extensive range of stencils available on their website however they are currently running a Kickstarter which aims to expand the current range of stencils available.

New Stencils

These new stencils include grid patterns in various styles such as diamonds, hexes and checker boards. These are fantastic for achieving 'alienesque' patterns on your vehicles, especially Eldar Jetbikes and Wave Serpents.

In addition to the grid patterns there are also a range of stencils that allow you paint additional textures and details on to your minis. There are several of these 'Creature Feature' stencils that will be made available through the Kickstarter which range from reptilian scales to leopard print.


The usefulness of these stencils doesn't just stop at the interesting patterns that they can produce. They are also reusable, washable and solvent proof which means that if they are properly looked after they can be used time and time again. The stencils are also non-adhesive and flexible to allow for painting of uneven surfaces without damaging you existing paint work. All in the all the stencils are perfect for anyone who wants to up their airbrushing game. With only a fraction of extra work you can attain some fantastic looking results.

So if these stencils have piqued your interested be sure to head over to the Anarchy Models Kickstarter Page to pledge your support and get some great deals in the process. As the project has already been funded you can guarantee that you will get this range of stencils on your hobby table. But hurry, the Kickstarter close on the Sat 31st Oct at 9pm GMT.

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