Mantic Games is giving an old project a new look!

Mantic Games sent around an email to those on their newsletter a few days ago to announce a brand new kickstarter for their sci-fi mass battle game Warpath.

From the Newsletter 9-11-15:If you cast your mind back we had a go a few years back at this and we didn’t get it right. The ideas and intentions were right – but I was not able to get the quality and depth the game needed.

We would only go forward when we could do it properly, when we genuinely felt we could make an interesting game and a great miniatures range. We started building slowly this time – DreadBall, Deadzone, perfecting hard plastic – both infantry and vehicles – and we kept on building up the Warpath universe – a story, an expansion and a race at a time!

Now Warpath is nearly here...

Over the next few days we will be featuring and focusing in on Warpath – the worlds, the armies and the background. Hopefully you’ll help us breath life into this game as you have with some many other projects before.We are taking Warpath to Kickstarter on the 21st September. First off we want to fund the rulebooks and source books – but you always seem to encourage us to go a little further than that... ;)

Furthermore, check out this picture of a potential sculpt! 

Pretty exciting stuff coming from Mantic. For those of you who may be feeling a tad burnt out on 40k, this may be a game for you!

Are you excited for a new mass battle sci-fi game?