A detailed scenic base can really finish off a well painted miniature. Especially when your entire force is based around a particular theme.

Traditionally your options have been to craft your own or purchase resin bases. However, if your sculpting abilities are lacking and you don't fancy forking out for bags of resin bases there is another way. Welcome to Basius.

What Is Basius

Put simply Basius is a negative press mould that allows you to quickly create some great looking bases with no sculpting skills required. Just add green stuff to your base, press it into the mould, remove and just like that you'll have a detailed base specific to your theme.

There are also Basius pads to suit any theme or genre. As well as the generic forest, rocks and cobbles there are also sci-fi and steam punk style pads. There are even bases specific to games such as Kings of War.

For a closer look at how Basius works, check out our video review the and how to guide below:

Basius 2 Kickstarter

If you have been tempted by Basius then good news! They are currently in Kickstarter in order to improve the product and you can take advantage of this by getting three pads for £60. That's 20% off the retail cost!

To get your hands on your own pads head over to their Kickstarter Page and pledge your support. But hurry, the deadline is Sunday 13th September.

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