When painting I find that it is extremely important to stay organized. There is no greater flow breaker then when you have to find that one pot of paint you could swear was just right in front of you a second ago.
The problem is, I am one of the most disorganised persons I know…

I tend to get into a certain groove or flow, when I paint and I rarely remember when or where I put my brushes or paint pots, especially because I really don’t have a system in place to keep my self-made chaos in check.
Hobbyzone is a polish company specializing in products to help you keep a neat and organised working area.

They have 2 ranges of interest, a range for storing your paints and a second range, which is a more complete solution, which includes drawers, paint holders, tool organizers etc, all made as  interchangeable modules.
King games were nice enough to provide some review samples, so a big thank you to them.

As you might be able to gather from the image above, I am not the most organized person around. I actually took this image after removing a ton of painting and basing related stuff, so you are actually looking at my best case scenario.
Not a very good scenario though.

The modular workshop system from Hobbyzone is a, surprise, modular system consisting of 17 different modules, which are all supplied with small magnets, so they cling together a little easier.
Ahhh, much better!

The range include modules covering most of your needs, from tool and brush organizers to drawers and paint holders, which are all made of plywood and will require some wood glue and assembly.
They are easy to put together, even by a non-DIY guy like me and after the glue has dried, the modules all seem very sturdy.

Most of the modules are pretty ingenious and the brush/tool organizer is a godsend for me and the bottle/paint holder is great too.
I use the paint holder for all my many different sized bottles, for which I have no other place to put; mediums, Coat d’arms paints etc.
The modules are nicely thought out and they don’t in any way hamper my workflow, so I might actually get a somewhat organized workplace in the near future, much to the joy of my wife….

Keeping the paint in line
The other series of products from Hobbyzone, the paint-holders are brilliant too. They come in different size and shapes, and depending on the hole-size, can hold every brand of paint I know, be it citadel, army painter, vallejo or p3.

Hobbyzone is great. Leaking paints, not so great..
As with the other Hobbyzone products, the paint-holders are made of thin plywood and require some assembly, but that shouldn't be a problem unless you have ten thumbs or are missing most of your fingers.
The only problem with them is that they do take up quite some room, which I guess is less of a problem for those of you, with a large workspace, but you saw earlier I have some rather drastic space restrictions.
Table space issues aside, they do work as intended.

It's a buy!
When all's said and done, the products are great, both in function and price, so I definitely  recommend that you check them out, if you are a chaotic painter like I am or perhaps just want to get a bit more organized.

Review copies provided by King games

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