Rarkthor mulls over the importance of keeping the tournaments together or separate.

With the end of the NOVA Open 2015, the last of the major 40k tournaments have come and gone. The big three right now consist of the Las Vegas Open, Adepticon and NOVA Open, with the Invitational tournaments receiving some lesser coverage. Taking a look at each of the formats and the lists that won the formats, we have seem some pretty interesting diversity across the board.
Each tournament format features its own interpretation of 7ed and the key ingredients for a competitive format within the confines of the not-so-competitive 7ed base rules. There are some similarities and differences between the events, but in general, they are each their own microcosm of the 7ed format.

I feel conflicted on this spectrum style of tournaments. The diversity and differences in tournament games definitely add interest for those of us that just enjoying playing a variety of competitive games. It adds some intrigue to try new formats and change up your list to adapt to the format. At the same time, it is frustrating to be unable to truly compare results and lists between the formats. In addition, each format creates its own metagame of sorts. For example, the NOVA Open banned Super-Heavy and Gargantuan Lords of War, where other formats, such as the LVO allows both of these units. As a result, I feel that the Thunderdome list ran the gambit unopposed in terms of its survivabiliy. The reduced presence of Strength D and Stomps really changes the meta towards one of Deathstars and Wombo-Combos.

One of my hopes for the direction of the hobby is a homogenized tournament format that spans across the nation. In many ways, I think that would help develop our game into something consistent across the board. Several tournaments have their own FAQs, rulings, and more that are totally different than the other formats. If it was consistent, no longer would rules discussions be up to interpretation. It would be accepted as this across all games. Unfortunately, it would seem that some rules do not have a consensus on how they should be ruled, and it seems that the formats are not looking to condense. I am saddened by this, and I hope that in the near future, our head TOs will look to try and cooperate.

Do you like the variety of formats? Do you want more consistency? Post your thoughts below, and check out my blog at www.rarkthorshold.blogspot.com.

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