I know that a lot of people are complaining about Age of Sigmar, but here are some reasons to love it:

1. AoS lowers prices.  

I don’t care what anyone says about GW prices.  A lot of guys in my club are spending a lot less on GW models since Age of Sigmar has come out.  A LOT less.

2. More enthusiasm.  

I know a lot of people are whining about this release, but the people in my club seem to be talking more about gaming with their GW models than they have in a long time.  They all are swearing only to use the Kings of War for the rules, but still.

3. More whimsy.  

You know how fun it is to play with people who enthusiastically shout and act out events on the battlefield far beyond the bounds of common decency?  Age of Sigmar not only encourages us to play this way, in some cases it requires it!  One thing the world of wargaming really needs: mandatory moments of stand-up improv.

4. The chance to prove your loyalty.  

Loyalty untested is loyalty unproven.  With this release, GW has given us all the opportunity to prove that we are committed to GW and Warhammer Fantasy NO MATTER WHAT.  My wife once wanted to see if I would stay with her during the hard times, so she punched me really hard in the throat.  It’s like that with Age of Sigmar.

5. Excellent models.  

These are, without a doubt, the coolest Space Marines that I have seen.  I usually don’t like 40K, but the Age of Sigmar models might just convince me to stop playing Fantasy all together and try 40K.  Not sure yet, though.  We’ll have to see what Warhammer Fantasy Battles 9th edition looks like.

OK, so I’ll stop being a dick now.  I know that some people _are_ enjoying Age of Sigmar to some degree, but I just don’t get it.  There are a lot of things I could complain about, but the main complaints that I have can be boiled down into two very simple gripes:

1) I liked the Warhammer Fantasy World.  It might seem a small difference now to base a fantasy world on the European Renaissance instead of the Middle Ages.

When I first encountered the Warhammer Fantasy world in the late 80s, though, it cut right through all of the recycled Tolkien that was clogging up the Fantasy genre, and it delivered something entirely new and exciting.  This setting totally opened up and changed how I was imagining the fantasy games and stories, and my friends and I had a great time exploring and gaming in it.  In Age of Sigmar, this seems to be almost entirely gone, and I miss The Old World.

2)  I love skirmish games, but Warhammer Fantasy was always a game of mass battles between legions of troops.  This worked well with the fantasy-historical setting, and I really enjoyed the way that the writers (who were mostly historical wargamers) included nods and references to various large-scale historical battles and armies in their supplements.  

I understand that some people are enjoying AoS, and I hope they have a great time with it.  It’s not a game of massed armies fighting grand conflicts, though, and I will miss that.

I don’t begrudge someone for enjoying this new game.  It seems a lot like 40K, and so I can see why 40K folks especially might really enjoy it.  It isn’t Warhammer, though, and I am going to miss Warhammer.