Howdy Talkwargaming Readers! Rarkthor is BACK from a long vacation, and he is ready to tear into some hobby talk with a new editorial.

Readers from the USA are surely aware of the recent political discussions that have arose from the newest set of Presidential candidates. While I don't want to get anywhere close to a political discussion, there is a pattern in many of those discussions that we can apply to wargaming and the community surrounding our hobby.

For some reason, people seem to think that they must toe a "gaming line." If one appreciates the rich background, complexity, and depth of Warhammer Fantasy, there is no possible way that same individual can appreciate the fresh, casual, simple Age of Sigmar. There is just no way that those two can be enjoyed by the same person! Pick a side, unless you want to be shunned by each group!

WRONG. It is a ruse, a facade, a completely unnecessary distinction made by each of the communities. You see this elsewhere in Warhammer 40k vs. Warmachine. Gamers couldn't possibly appreciate the richness of the 41st millennium AND a tight-knit, no holds barred game like Warmachine. Except they totally can.

Now I understand if folks are looking for ONE hobby to entertain, as many of you operate on a certain size budget for hobbying. At that point, choosing one over the other is perfectly understandable. Here is the trick though: just because YOU chose it, does not make it the superior system for ALL gamers.

For those who, like me, want to try any and all games that come their way, these binaries put us in a really strange position. Personally, I really enjoy Warhammer 40k, and I also enjoy Warmachine. I enjoyed playing Warhammer Fantasy, and I like what I see for Kings of War and for Age of Sigmar (still need to get in some trial games for both systems...).

Some folks are put off by the strange and unnecessary rivalries that are created by the two communities. Instead of explaining why a person should be interested in their game, they explain why the alternative is awful. At a certain point, the potential new player is now faced with the negatives of each game, instead of the positives. This gamer may be totally turned off from wargaming all together, and he/she will suddenly pick up a dreaded TCG instead (Nothing against TCGs though... guilty of collecting a number of them myself..).

For my relatively brief time on this planet, I have noticed the strange tendency of people to create these binaries. It is either one or the other, and alternatives have no place here. Let's transcend this bickering, and instead of arguing about which one is better, let's complete our hobby projects and grow our respective communities into something we can be proud of.

What other rivalries exist in gaming? How can we overcome these "long wars" of gaming? Check out my blog at to see some of my other gaming posts!

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