I've made the decision to find a news and rumors correspondent to help us keep up with daily news and rumors that break online. As much as I wish I was able to stay ahead of the curve and cover everything I simply can't - I work 70 hour weeks with a 26 day on 2 off rota. By the time I've driven home and hit the gym I have about an hour to myself every night of the week so I need someone to help out. If you're interested please check out the requirements and responsibilities below.

The Correspondent has to be able to cover daily news, report and write rumors scoops as and when they arrive online. We're looking for someone to develop an authoritative voice in the onlin e wargaming rumors niche.

General requirements:

  • Responsibility to manage sources and content. 
  • High motivation.
  • Around the clock web access.
  • Good written English.
  • Knowledge of the leading games in our niche.
  • Able to post news to various social media platforms to raise its awareness.
  • Able to coordinate and interact with other editorial staff.


  • Collects and analyzes information about newsworthy news and rumors to write articles.
  • Organizes material, determines emphasis and writes articles according to the prescribed editorial style and formatting standards.
  • Incorporates social media into the reporting routine.
  • This reporter must be a quick learner and a clear storyteller.


As with standard article writers on TWG the news and rumors correspondent will be paid per article, albeit at a reduced rate due to the smaller size of news articles.

If you're interested please send me an email to talkwargaming@live.com or contact via the contact form at the bottom left of every page.

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