Hi all, I thought I'd take a moment to talk D weapons, and how massively insane they are on a wraith knight.

A little recap; my main regular opponent is a guard player now, mech guard at that. He's also better than me, so my Eldar have a been used as a bit of a handicap feature, albeit I do still have an advantage. However, not until I allowed myself to take the Wraithcannons on a knight did I see what could truly happen.

aaand that's that. Anyone got a spare Tank?
As mentioned before I play with what I have, and buy what is the prettiest, so I happily go sub-optimal for now, atleast while some of codex's catch up, that still means I have Wraithguard and a wk in my lists most times. I'm terrible with Wraithguard in a way which I think highlights their real weaknesses quite nicely; once deployed, they can be focus fired away quite easily. Plasma-Russ are
perfect for this, and a single one will do the unit without a seconds thought.

So, once every couple of games I'll kill a tank before my Wraithguard melt away. This is important to note; many have decried the loss of Terminators to the meta, that even though thay have great saves, the wound count is so low they are inefficient and ineffective. Wraith guard have much worse saves - no invuln and a 3+, so why have all the vocal players suddenly filled their tear cups about them? So you webway portal in (I don't) no scatter DS and shoot. great, now they have a turn of vulnerability that isn't hard to make use of.

Much, much more scary is the Wraithcannon-toting Wraithknight, as I discovered the other day. I basically had free slay the warlord points, as it was Pask in a tank, and just happily whittled away at his gun line each turn, just completely ignoring the Cerastus Knight that was hopping around, and taking very, very little damage as I was able to keep far away, up to 48" from a target, before moving in and making a smoking crater.

Those guns, combined with a 12" move and the gargantuan creature rules truly are one of the most ridiculous things I've ever used, a nigh-unkillable, fast gun platform that is essentially unassault-able as who wants to do that? It's not going to die and then you get Stomped on top of everything else.

My 1st WK is built up as Suncannon/Scattershield, and my 2nd is Ghost Glaive, both builds that have their own inherent problems, and leveling aspects that I think bring them down to a much more reasonable level within the game.

So after all the hand-wringing and sky-is-falling, in reality the only real OP part is the Ranged D build of a WK, and that's meaningless against hordes or infantry. Short range, low model and wound count WG still require skill, and everything else has real
fragility built in.

Except Jetbikes with massive guns, I've seen some good counters for them but I'm not sure they aren't just too much. I will probably never know, as I don't plan to go that route, battle-brothers event or not.

So, what's worse, Wraithcannons or the new free transport Space-Marine formations? The possibility of having that many free Razorbacks is daunting, don't you think?

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