I almost collapsed when I saw how much news, rumors and related material has dropped over the last few days. GULP!

Warhammer 40k Rumors and Leaks

Genestealer Cult Latest

Larrys bird has been out hunting again. This time she's found some Genestealer info.via Bird in the Trees on Bell of Lost Souls posted by Larry Vela
GeneStealer Cult Minis Rumors
Clampack 1: Magos with classic robe & staff
Clampack 2:Large-cranium figure with arms extended pose

Genestealer Hybrid box: Updated versions of the original plastic Hybrid models. Modern-Genestealer like arms in attack poses, alongside hunam arms with knives, and lasguns. 32mm bases.

Genestealer Cultist box: Rabble humans without obvious mutations. Minor tyranid bits here and there as armor, and some tyranid style weapons as upgrade options.

Cult Truck: A down armored open bed vehicle in the similar vein to the AM Taurox.


Imperial Knights

A few Codex Images have been leaked as have close ups of the sprues. (I say few when really the whole freaking codex is out there now)

Cult Mechanicus

The Cult Mechanicus have been gaining some more coverage with upcoming white dwarf leaks. I've put in the sprue pictures as well. The rest of the images can be found here.

This weeks Releases and Hint Adeptus Mechanicus Kastelan Robots: $69
3 miniatures

War of the Fang hardback novel: $30
The Curse of the Phoenix Crown paperback novel: $14

and the following week's hints are
  • The Forge Worlds
  • Theatre of War: A New Scenario
  • The Scions of Nurgle

Tzeentch Daemonkin

The expectation that every chaos god will receive its own codex is picking up strength with the following rumor.

From Gary on Faeit212
This is where I saw the rumor, but I have a hard time with Spanish to credit correctly.

I believe the rumor originates from this link

In Spanish via Octavio on Marcus Beli
Un amigo mío estuvo en Nottingham la semana pasada, y me contó que le presentaron a alguien que trabaja en GW. Estuvieron tomando birras y tal y el de GW le contó que pronto (verano), sacarían un nuevo kit señor de la transformación, coincidiendo con el códex Tzeentch daemonkin de 40k, y que sacarían reglas para 3 señores de la transformación distintos en la WD. Sobre las reglas, le dijo alguna cosilla:
- El mas caro en puntos es señor del conocimiento (Tzeentch) y tiene +1 a impactos y fuerza de los hechizos y tiene un +1 adicional para la pasiva del saber. (saca horrores a 3+!!!)
- Otro de los señores de la transformación tiene un hechizo vinculado que es como el básico pero afecta a todos los enemigos en área (un poco estilo kroak). También tiene un orbe parecido al del verminlord warpseer, que le da +1 a la especial y cuando lo lanza es plantilla grande de F1d6 con llamas disformes.
- El otro al parecer es una nueva versión de Kairos, muy parecida en reglas al actual.

No deja de ser un rumor, pues el tío ese se lo dijo entre birra y birra y ya sabemos como son los ingleses... pero si es verdad tiene MUY buena pi

Translated by Google
"Hi all, I usually read forum MB, but never before I had checked me to post. However, it has come to me something important and I think is worth sharing:

A friend of mine was in Nottingham last week, and told me that he was introduced to someone who works in GW. They were drinking beers and just the GW told him that soon (summer), may afford a new kit lord of change, coinciding with the codex Tzeentch daemonkin 40k. About the rules, he said some other things:
- The most expensive is lord of knowledge (Tzeentch) and has +1 impact and force spells and has an additional +1 for passive knowledge. (Pulls horrors 3 + !!!)
- Another of the lords of the change has a linked spell is as basic but affects all enemies in the area (a little Kroak style). Also it bears a resemblance to the verminlord warpseer world, which gives +1 to launch special and when large template is deformed F1d6 with flames.
- The other appears to be a new version of Kairos, very similar to the current rules.

No longer a rumor, because that guy what was said between beer and beer and we know how are the English ... but if it is really looks good!"

Another Translation by Idaeus4XIII
"A friend of mine was in Nottingham last week, and he told me he was introduced to someone who works in GW. They drank beers and the GW guy told him that soon (summer), they would release a new kit for the Lord of Change, coinciding with the codex Tzeentch daemonkin for 40k. The rules for three different Lords of Change would be released in the WD. About the rules, he said some other things:

- The most expensive is the Lord of Knowledge (Tzeentch) and has +1 impact* and +1 Force on its spells and an additional +1 on its Psychic Test on his Primaris Power**. (summons horrors on 3 + !!!)
* I think he means "shots" in the weapon profile: Heavy 3, Assault 2, etc. Or something like that.
**I think "pasiva del saber" is the Spanish term for the equivalent in Fantasy Battle

- Another of the Lords of Change has a spell like the basic one but it affects all enemies in AoE (kind of like Kroak). Also it bears an orbe like the verminlord warpseer's one, which gives +1 to Special*** and when launched makes large template F1 d6 for Twisted Flames.
***I don't know what it refers to, sorry. :^(

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors

 The Warhammer 9th Rumor Wagon is rolling on with the following.

via Games Workshop Lille on Facebook
The sun goes down, teintant the sky of rubis and blood...

The elected will get together in the heart of the sanctuary, bringing with them the hopes of their people...

They will fight for the glory, for the honor, at the edge of the abyss...

Will the lowest in the abyss while the strongest will be brought to the naked...

Then they will fall in turn, victims of their pride until it is more than a glorified, glory, lying in the blood of his own nation, deaf to the supplications dying while he will recover this rightful Right, Sacred Eternal Champion in the heart of the Night, Supreme Lord in the land Devastated, King Nocturne acclaimed by the ghosts of his enemies... Until dawn...

That the forges revolve nights and days, that the prophets look through the future, that your armies are amassing around your banner. Prepare yourself mortals!

Because I am khorne! The Lord of the blood! The archi-commander! The forge-war!

You are my guests... Enter in my arena. The rules have changed, prepare yourself!!

Information directly in store!! You do not want to miss this, believe me on floor

via Darkpignouf on Warseer
Just coming back from my local store following some strange message on facebook and inviting us to pass by .

9th edition will be released on saturday the 13th of june .

My local store is organising on friday the 12th a warhammer tournament beginning at 8.00pm for thoses who will have reserved their 9th edition rule book ( If I correctly understand there will be 2 weeks of preorder )

At 0.00 , He will give to players their books .

Il will be a 8th edition tournament but the local manager will release a summary of the changes if they are not to numerous in order to play in 9th edition . If it changes too much , he says that it will be a 8th edition one

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