Hi again, today we're going to do something easy that adds a nice aesthetic touch to any flamer/flamethrower. All you need is a sharp, pointed blade, the hair bit from Orc Boyz or Marauders of Chaos (these are the only ones I readily know but there are surely others, ponytails, horse mane, etc) and a good glue.

 I haven't made one of these with the Marauder hair but I think it will provide for a more roaring flame.

What we will do is cut the hair off where it bunches up and smooth this part. Next we center it where the spout of the weapon would be and either visually, or with your blade, note where the nozzle for the pilot flame would sit. A few quick turns of the point will make an adequate hole, if it is uneven just twist to a particular side instead of making a full revolution.

Now all we need to do is apply a little glue to the flat section of hair and voilĂ , we now have a menacing spigot of flame at the business end of our flamethrower.

Thanks for tuning in. Next week I'll be handling some minor re-posing. As always, hit me up on Twitter Evan@ThatFakeGuyDan

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