Perverted Robot Johnny 5, who shot to fame in the Short Circuit movies of the 80's has filed a lawsuit in the United States, claiming Games Workshop infringed upon several of his track patents in their Kataphron Robot track designs.

"Johnny 5 is not happy. They used my tracks without permission, the Machine Spirit is equally aggravated. We demand an answer, we demand payment. Or failing that we want my rules put into the game. In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future Johnny5 is Alive!"

Games Workshop CEO and plastic crack pusher Kevin Rountree infuriated loyal fans by stating "It's absurd that a robot thinks it has certain rights. I'll give him some input alright with my 14lb sledge hammer!"

Jack Stevens - Owner of the internets largest Cult Mechanicus LARP Group - raged "I think it's bad darts to suggest that the Machine Spirit is a fictional entity. My mother prays to the machine spirit every night - I can hear her electronic devices buzzing behind closed doors!" Jack's mother refused to comment.

Talk Wargaming caught up with avid Warhammer 40k enthusiast Barrack Obama. "Despite the shite films making me want to kick Ben Jabituya repeatedly in the bollocks every time he speaks I have to concur Johnny does look very similar to the latest GW release." He finished by stating "Oh shiny, how much are they?"

Games Workshop have long been borrowing ideas from various settings in Geekdom, it seems no IP is left unmolested. The 40k universe features terminators fighting aliens fighting rambo amongst other blatant copies even Madonna has a saucy miniature adaptation! It's only a matter of time before the Ravening Hordes of Peppa Pig come flying out of the warp to attack Terra.

The Case Continues.