Well blow me down, if I didn't pick a bad time to try a new army out. This time I'm going down the rabbit hole of community, gaming, and bad sportsmanship, so do keep up.

I am one of those unfortunates who bought the Eldar book less than two months before the Craftworlds book came out. In days of yore the rumour mill would start up months, if not years before anything actually came out, now there is just no warning, that's not a gripe; what is, is.

rroooaarrggh nomnomnom apples. 
And I knew that there would be griping. When Eldar, Space Wolves, Necrons get releases its always a whine fest from the community. Further to points I've made before, very possibly in unpublished articles, the only "death of the game" scenario I see is one where people leave in droves, not because of rules, or prices, but because they are driven out by the constant and never ending ostracising of people who don't want to play Marines, 'Nids or other "acceptable" armies.

Our choices are limited if we want to play with people in a fun environment. I've seen it in all the usual places. Adults, fathers, grown men working themselves up into a tizzy because they reckon they've played out every single connotation in their head and man, those jetbikes are unbeatable, I fold. It does me in even further because I'm bored of bike models of all races. I love my Raven Wing, but then I'm dark green through and through, but I don't want any more. The bike thing is difficult to get around tournament wise, but mine is not a power-gaming circle. So what's the beef? I'll take my wraith knight if we do a Lord of War allowed game, so that will be tied up smashing Heirodules. I like swooping hawks and don't face many flyers, so the most schizophrenic unit in the game will have to find other things to do.

The people that play this game have a responsibility to make it fun for others, the same with any face to face game. I really feel the fun is lost around release time, and with releases so regular now I think it's time to get some ear plugs and block it out. I fully plan to punish complaints with more hardcore lists, until they get the idea.

All hail the Punchinator.
So what can we do about those pesky bikers and WK? well, they are Objective Secured, so park a vindicator in range of a couple of points. Marines have all the other biker units to play with, Land-speeders that are basically the same as Vypers and terminator characters that are fully capable of taking down anything by themselves (I'm looking at you Lysander).

Necrons have the C'tan horrors and lord knows what else. Dark Eldar now more than ever can poison their way to victory, Guard can cover the whole table in horrible templates every turn for almost no points it seems, and Tau have Riptides and marker lights for petes sake. Space Wolves have that ridiculous vehicle that can ID anything with the ice gun of brown-trousering. Lastly, and by no means least, Grey Knights! Dreadknights are still absolute filth. Filth!

It's all there to do. So whilst I work out wether it's Karandras or Fuegan I'm going to throw at people, and probably take the Avatar because he's awesome, I will be expecting people to go back to their books, look at the units they've written off because they were told to, and try harder. I've done it with my DA a thousand times.

So come on people, stop whinging. If you like playing the game play it, don't get washed away by this negative rubbish, and if you must, talk about bracketing your games with your opponents to keep it all within acceptable limits.

Man, I just held back the real ranting. Take care fine people, and try to find those solutions!

Kill 'em all, let the Emperor sort 'em out.

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