You know those online tutorials where a professional in the modelling industry does something amazing with normal modelling supplies?  This isn't that kind of tutorial.  I’m basically worthless at sculpting and terrain building, and so I’m writing this tutorial as a quick and easy way for the every-day gamer to make his or her forest terrain look a little bit better.  Once you have the supplies, you can probably rehabilitate all of your trees in less than an hour.

Here’s the problem: Albrecht, my Empire handgunner, is trying to take cover behind a tree.  Albrecht is sad because his tree has lost so much foliage that it doesn't block any line of sight any more, and hiding behind it makes him look silly.

After years of dragging my trees around and loading them too roughly in their bin, all of my trees look kind of like crap.

What You'll Need:

1. Woodland Scenics Foam Tack Glue (Any white glue might work, but the Tack Glue is great for gluing softer things that might move around a bit after the glue has set),

2. Medium Green (or whatever color works for you) Clump Foliage (also from Woodland Scenics – get this at any model railroad shop or online from Amazon), and

3. Some trees that look like crap.

Step 1

Hold the tree in your hand over an area where you don’t mind dripping a little bit of glue.

Step 2

Draw a somewhat generous line of glue along the body of the tree, where you would like the clump foliage to adhere.

Step 3

Press clumps of foliage along the line of glue, pressing slightly so that the glue contacts as much of the clump as possible.

Once the line of glue is completely covered by clumps, turn the tree over in your hand and repeat the process on the other side.  When this side is done, repeat the process on the sides of the tree not yet covered, so that all four sides have been covered with glue and clump foliage.

Step 4 

Spend a couple of minutes squeezing the tree, pressing the clumps tightly against the trunk.  The foliage will expand again once you are done, so you won’t be hurting the look of the tree.  You want the clumps to be covered with some of the glue from the last step, so squeeze and hold!  Squeeze for Albrecht, for Averland, for Sigmar!

Step 5

Set your trees aside to let them dry.  Tack glue is workable for about an hour, so you will want to let these guys dry for a couple of hours at least.


Again, this tutorial isn’t about making award-winning terrain.  In less than an hour of work and another two hours of drying, though, my trees were rehabilitated to the point where I’m no longer embarrassed to put them on the table.

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