Adjust your servo arms, switch to binary protocol 'Paint' and give praise to Omnissiah as we take a look at the new Skitarii miniatures and show you how to paint one of their Vanguard.

Making use of the Citadel range of paints we have a step by step guide for painting your 40k miniature. In addition to the written guide we have also created a video that takes you through the steps from basecoat to finished miniature.

Video Tutorial

Paints Required

Below you can find the list of Citadel paints required for this tutorial.


I primed my miniature using Black as the miniature will consist of predominantly darker tones. I applied this basecoat with a generic Black Spray Primer such as those available from hardware stores. Alternatively you could use those available from Games Workshop or the Army Painter.


The first step of painting the armor was to apply a baselayer of Leadbelcher across all of the silver metal areas (armor, weapon, bionics) using a drybrush, It is not nescessary to be too neat or sparing at this stage as we can clean the miniature up later. A wash of Agrax can then used to bring out definition in the armor plates as well simulating and oiled metal effect. The final step was to drybrush Runefang Steel across the same areas. Alternatively you could layer this instead if you prefer a more pristine finish.


The brass areas include the detailing on the weapons as well as some armor plates. It is best to take a look in your Codex to find out what areas should be brass before tackling this next stage. Once you have picked your areas a base coat of Warplock Bronze should first be applied. This can then be followed by a layer of Brass Scorpian leaving the Bronze showing through the recesses. A wash of Agrax Earthshade will restore some definition before a final highlight of Runefang Steel across the edges.

Pressure Suit, Icon and Pipes

The pressure suit (visible on the thighs and on some arms), Adeptus Mechanicus icons and pipes can be base coated with Abaddon Black. The next task is to highlight the edges of these areas with Dark Reaper. Optionally you can could use this stage to clean up some areas that the previous metal layers over spilled onto such as the robes and the leather areas on the backpack

Leather and Weapon Stock

Both the wooden weapon stock and the leather backpack can be based with Rhinox Hide. Once a good even coverage has been achieved a wash of Agrax Earthshade can be applied to bring out the detailing. Following the wash, the edges can be then highlighted with Mournfang Brown followed by a thinner highlight on the upper edges and corners of Skrag Brown.

Robe Lining

As Rakarth Flesh is a 'Base' paint it should provide some good coverage over the black however you may need a couple of thin layers to achieve a good consistency. The basecoat can then be followed by a layer of Ushabti Bone which should cover nicely over the lighter starting color. Finally a thin line Pallid Wych Flesh can be used to highlight the robes edges. Take care when painting the robe lining not to overlap onto the previously painted pressure suit or bionic legs. It is easier to paint these areas when the miniature is not fixed to its base or if the legs are completely separate. 


The robes make up the majority of the miniature and should first be basecoated in Mephiston Red. Being a Base paint should allow it to cover over the black easily. Once a nice and even coverage has been achieved a wash of Carroburg Crimson can be used to restore shading. A thinned layer of Evil Sunz Scarlert should then be applied to the more raised areas leaving the darker red in the recesses. The next task to highlight the edges of the robes with a thin line of Wild Rider Red. The final step is to then use Tau Light Ochre as an extreme highlight on the corners of the robes as well as the upper edges. 

Lenses & Weapon Glow

The glowing blue areas of the miniature, such as the lenses and the vents on the weapon, can be basecoated with Caledor Sky. This can then be followed by a layer of Bahharoth Blue, ensuring the the darker blue is still visible around the edges. Finally a small spot of thin line of Ceramite White should be used to complete the glowing effect.


To achieve a parchment effect on the purity seals we will start with a base of Karak Stone. This can then be wash with Seraphim Sepia followed by a highlight of Ushabti bone along the more pronounced areas. For the text detailing, a very thin Abaddon Black can be used with a fine detail brush to paint thin horizontal lines on the parchment. 

Wax Seals

We will be using purple for the wax seals as opposed to red to allow it to better stand out against the robes. Therefore the base color will be Screamer Pink followed a by a wash of Druchii Violet to darken the recesses. Finally a highlight of Pink Horror can be applied to the raised edges.

Finishing Details

The only remaining areas of the miniature left to paint are the chevrons on some of the pipes and the white half of the Ad Mech icon. Both of these can be basecoated with Celestra Grey. This can be followed with a layer of Ceramite White for the icon or Yriel Yellow for the chevrons. 


While this tutorial used a Vanguard the same techniques could be used on the Rangers or the Dragoon/Ironstrider pilots. 

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