Hello again everyone, today we're going to make a sword. I'm going to keep it to a simple design as possible so it can be repeated easily. Having said that the techniques I'm going to show you can be used on any blade imaginable.

What You Need

  • A flat file
  • A pointed blade
  • A flat blade
  • Plastic sheets in .060"/1.5mm and .010"/0.25mm 
  • A little imagination

 We could just use the blade from another mini but that wouldn't keep with the style of this guy.

So, we have our base mini and the chainsword. We'll use the extra blade from the top picture as a baseline for size and make a simple paper template with our chosen design (in this case I felt a machete was in keeping with his style).

First, we will block out the area of the sword using a pointed blade then remove it from the sheet and chop the rest off with our flat blade.
As you can see, it will be rough but easily refined. At this point you will want to file off any burs, round off any curves and ensure all your surfaces are completely flat.

Notch in an area near the base of the blade to set your bottom, select your angle and run the file down the length of the blade-to-be (remember to keep that angle consistent, this is the same process as sharpening a real blade).

Now we wrap the base, it may not be necessary but adds a nice finish and a little extra area in case the pin is a bit fat. For this we will use the thin sheet plastic, cut a strip using a ruler to ensure it is even and straight. Now we will apply a bit of cement to the lower part of the blade (to ensure it does not run over the top and make for more cleanup work later), let this cure completely and snip off the excess on the back side.

Fold and press into placed to get a good, rough shape. Now apply a little glue to each fold and press.

Some cleanup will be necessary so using dirty tools was a non-issue to me, run a clean blade edge along the width to clear off a thin layer.

Next straighten the bottom and join, then apply a bit of cement to fill the gap and smooth. Next drill your pin hole and attach.

And here we have one finished Power Machete.
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See you all again soon!

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