A quick introduction before we begin, my name is Evan, I’ve been working on miniatures for a long time and decided to join the Talk Wargaming team here to share a few tips and tricks that I've been using over the years.

Today I’m going to show you how to fit any head to a space marine body. I’m going to be using a head from the empire artillery sprue.

I would suggest going over tutorial for a nice refresher on cutting and cleaning (I always try to cut my bits farther away to avoid gouges that can occur if sprue is removed to hastily).

What You Need

  1. Xacto knife with blade of your choice and a #18 blade
  2. Plastruct/plasticard tubing in 3/16” or 4.8mm
  3. 1 donor helmet and 1 head to be made ready
  4. Adhesive of choice (since this is all plastic I will be using plastic weld)

Step One

To begin we will remove the excess material from both bits making sure to clean up the bottom portion of the helmet specifically (this is going to be the base for our new head). Next, using your flat blade, cut off the helmet base. You want as much material retained as possible so be careful here, your result should look like this.

Step Two

Next we prepare a short piece of tubing by cutting in a groove for the chin and flat bottom to attach to the helmet base and cement these.

Step Three

Next we will need to clear some material from the original head, in this case I want it to be looking up so I will only remove a small amount (cut away as much as you like to level out the head but be sure to leave extra in case of mistakes).

Step Four

Now all we need do is apply the cement and position as we like. I’ve included a Blood Angels head for comparison, as you can see the angle is much more pronounced. Again, all you need to do to have the head look down farther is remove more material from either the tube or the chin, both is ideal to retain the look of a proper collar.

This method works for any miniature head that is to scale, some will have different bottoms and some will be rounded but the process is essentially the same every time.

Evan@ThatFakeGuyDan signing off.

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