It is the final day of Mantic Games Kickstarter campaign for their Deadzone expansion, Infestation. For those of you unaware of what Deadzone is it is the sci fi tabletop skirmish game played over a 64 square grid which features some excellent miniatures and modular scenery.

Deadzone:Infestation will see an expansion to the rules, miniatures and even the scenery and in this article I am going to tell you why you should back this project.

1. New Miniatures

Two things, Squats and Space Skaven. If that piqued your interest then you'll certainly be interested in what Deadzone: Infestation has to offer. Allow me to introduce the Veer-Myn, an insidious disease ridden race who infest the galaxies darkest corners, and the Forge Fathers, stubborn and technologically advanced. Both of these races will feature in this Kickstarter and will be rendered in hard plastic, which is always a huge bonus.

In addition to these vertically challenged warriors the Kickstarter will also see the introduction of the Corporation Pathfinders. Highly trained and experts in operating in enemy territory these miniatures will also be produced in Hard Plastic. But thats not all, other existing Deadzone factions will also see some reinforcements including the fearsome Plague Aberration.

2. Updated Rules

The Deadzone rule set will also be given a fresh lick of paint in this new expansion. Being printed in hardback with streamlined rules to help make getting started even easier. New Force Organisation Charts to make assembling your strike teams that much simpler and finally an updated campaign system. So whether your an existing Deadzone player or simply new to the game this Kickstarter is a great opportunity to help provide a better game play experience.

3. Expnaded Scenery

Battlezones is an fantastic modular system by Mantic that employs 3x3" panels that can be assembled to quickly build some fantastic structures in a range of different sizes and shapes. Deadzone: Infestation will see an expansion to the current set of panels in the form of a new industrial set. This brand new style of scenery will make building abandoned mining posts or factory districts even easier. In addition to the new panels. the inclusion of pipes, walkways, and fans will really help to add character to an already well detailed set of terrain.  

4. Price & Reliability

Mantic is no stranger to Kickstarter and have proven time and time again that they have what it takes to run one. Many of their games, including Deadzone, have been funded through Kickstarter so you can be sure that your experience with them will be a good one. 

In addition to their commendable track record Mantic is well known for providing great looking miniatures for an excellent price and this Kickstarter is no exception. For only £77/$115 you can get your hands on all of this:

Lets see Games Workshop match that kind of value for money.


So those were my 4 reasons as to why I think you should be excited for the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter.  Whether you're a Deadzone veteran or you are new to the game their is something for everyone. So if you haven't done so already head over the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter page, but hurry today is the last day!

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