With Eldar on the horizon, it seems like 40k is looking at a new design philosophy. Rarkthor gives you his thoughts on the changes.

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Here's looking at you, Wave "Derpent"

Regardless of any nerfs or buffs that may come the way of the Eldar, I am really excited to see the newest in codex design philosophy. When the Necrons landed with their Decurion and plethora of formations, I thought that this was perhaps a gem for the Necrons; due to the nature of their forces, they have a super unique organization. I can buy that.

Now though, with the Eldar leaks in full force, it seems the Necrons are not alone. The Eldar also have a great number of formations, and they all fit within the confines of a larger force chart. This is fantastic. While some folks may be concerned about the power levels of the new units coming through, I think people are missing out on the opportunities to finally see some unique and synergistic army builds. Many of the same players concerned about units being "overpowered" have complained about the "spam" issues. Now formations and the Eldar "Decurion" will hopefully promote more synergy in an army list.

This change in design philosophy is great! However, I fear for the near future of organized play. For many, organized play has been a polarizing experience, with few armies recording solid performances across many competitions. Adepticon experienced perhaps one of the most unique spreads of data across all armies. Between the Unique detachment system and Maelstrom based missions, they really shook up the meta.

I fear that this polarization may be worsened. With army books like Chaos Space Marines and Dark Angels hurting already from the dynamic shifts in design, I fear that they may be hit even harder. They don't have any unique detachment or formations, elements that have led other armies to a great success. GW really needs to prioritize their updates to focus on these older books first, in order to bring all books in line with each other.

Otherwise, I am super excited for the Eldar book. We shall see what the future holds?

What has you the most excited from the sagacious Eldar codex? New models? Gargantuan Wraithknights? 

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