Hey guys, it’s Rarkthor again. Let’s talk turkey about the implications of the newest 40k faction hitting the table. Adeptus Mechanicus!

It’s no longer rumours guys; the Games Workshop website hosts them now as a legitimate part of their army selection.

Dont these guys look FUN!

Now, I personally like the addition of the Adeptus Mechanicus and Harlequins as supplemental factions in our swiftly growing world of the Warhammer 40,000 game. Many of these factions have been a major part of the fluff and background for some time now, but they have never been realized on the tabletop, except by some Forgeworld projects and those handy with an Exacto Knife. It also is a stark contrast to the previous three month schedule of releases, that, at the end, just seemed to drag on. For some players, however, they are just becoming overwhelmed by the wide variety of rules and units that are at the disposal of the community.

For those players who are fretting over this swift expansion of the game, let me ease your thoughts by giving a few good reasons for these changes.

1. Fun Factor.

Early in my days of Warhammer 40,000, I often played in my parent’s basement with friends. One day, a friend of mine stumbled upon the 2nd edition rules for the Solitaire model. He found these rules extremely awesome, and he kit based together a model to play with these rules. We were at the beginning of 5th edition, but we agreed to use these rules for the sake of fun. This is one of the major reasons for playing the game of 40k. Creating stories through the characters and die rolls is a major appeal of the game. Now, people can play their very own Skitarii army, with support from GW. This is fun, and I think it will build up that community.

7th Edition FTW!

2. Competition

In the same way that 5th edition became very boring, very fast with only 3 deployments and 3 missions, only have a certain amount of books available became boring. What was perhaps worse than the limitations on books was the limitations on the rules found inside of them. Grey Knights really stick out as a book that come onto the scene like a wrecking ball. They were the new hotness, and with no changes in sight for another 3 months, it became a rather boring game from a competition standpoint.

With weekly releases though, the game changes in meaningful ways. Harlequins suddenly appear as a very valid ally for Dark Eldar, boosting the strength of an otherwise middling codex. Skitarii might be the exact right faction to add to finish out an Imperial Knight detachment. Who knows what combinations could be in store? Yes, it forces the meta to change, and at a much more rapid pace. In a way though, this change is good. It prevents that phenomenon of one or two codexes at the top, with a spread of 2-3 more in the middle. A healthy meta is a good meta.

3. Hobby

The amount of modeling potential and bits available in the newest kits GW produces is astounding. I finished up a few Centurions I bought, and I was blown away by how many extra bits I got after I completed the models. Skitarii could provide some great Iron Hands conversions, great Cultist conversions, and maybe even some great Necron conversions. The possibilities are growing with each kit, and this is something all hobbyists should be happen to see.

I know that change can be a frightening possibility, and many of us were used to the slow roll of GW releases. For me, I am glad to be past that. I love Warhammer 40,000, and the new factions really interest me as a gamer. Once we adjust, I think it will be for the better.

What factions do you want to see added? What about Custodes? Or perhaps even Arbites? Share your thoughts, and be sure to check out my blog www.rarkthorshold.blogspot.com

written by Rarkthor

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