Hello, Evan again with a simple tutorial on pinning and barrel boring. This is will aid you immensely in all your model building. Pining can be used as a way to provide a strong join between two unlike materials or to hold together heavier parts (metal minis and parts). This is also the basis of much more advanced modding, just know that this is a very useful tool to have in your portfolio.

For this you will need a sharp, pointed blade and a pin vise with appropriate bits. The first thing you will want to do, as with any mod, is prepare the area by remove any excess material. In the case of the barrel you will want to remove any mold lines there as it will be weaker once bored.

First you will want to set your center point, I will use a bolt pistol as an example. After locating your center point place the tip of your blade there and give a few gentle twists, no pressure will be necessary and if you are off-center this will be a chance to correct your orientation.

(Try as I might my camera would not cooperate here)

Once your center point is set, dealing with any pinning or boring as the process is exactly the same, you will bore into your material as deeply as you feel you need to secure your pin properly or bore deeply enough to simulate a gun barrel.


In the case of a bolter there is a muzzle break to be remembered, to ensure your holes are clean go from the outside in on each side. Once it is open you can run the bit through to clear most remaining material.

Once you are all done repeat the process on the other side you wish to attach, and insert a wire (in this case I used a paper clip, use whatever is closest in size to the bit you used to bore the hole) snip to length, and glue in place.


This process can be used to join almost any pieces effectively, from the silly to the serious. You will always have a stronger, longer lasting join this way, I guarantee it.

And as a sneak preview of next week let me show you another hint of what pinning can do.

As always, its been a pleasure, check me out on Twitter at @ThatFakeGuyDan. See you all again soon.

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