It's once again time to draw your attention to a Kickstarter. This time we have a butchers at Wild West Exodus: Unfinished Business from Outlaw Miniatures.

What is Wild West Exodus

Well, aside from being based in my all time favourite setting Wild West Exodus in their words is:-

Wild West Exodus is a Sci-Fi Wild West Miniatures Game set in an alternate history wild west. Strange technologies corrupt the land and death lurks at every corner. RJ-1027, the infamous power source created by Dr. Burson Carpathian is the catalyst behind the constantly escalating arms race between the factions that make up Wild West Exodus. 

It was launched with 5 factions off the back of a successful kickstarter back in 2012 and seems to be picking up a head of steam. The game is fast paced, exciting and has a truly cinematic feel.

Players take command of a Posse of fighters ranging from 6 to 60 miniatures of various levels (bosses, underbosses, sidekicks and the hired hands) and battle it out using an alternative activation system.  I've always been a massive advocate of the alternate activation method of army control as it keeps both players active during each phase of the turn and lends advantage to the quick witted players. Big iron bollocks are required for this one folks. The additional 1-3 model activation during each turn is a clever idea.

Outlaw Miniatures have also reached out to the community via their deputy volunteer program - if you love the game and want to expand it sign up and help run demos for the next wave of eager participants.

The KickStarter 


Wild West Exodus features some exceptional miniatures, I could bang on about them for hours and ram as many adjectives into the next paragraph as phyically possible but I figure a quick blast of images will do way more justice than my ramblings. Suffice to say I'm impressed by their dynamic posses, excellent sculpting and varierty. Plus they have a Ponce!

Miniature Scale

I think this one needs a mention due to the non standard size of the figures. Wild West Exodus uses a 35mm system. (let me stop you there and show the comparison chart to give you a taste of how they stack up beside other brands)

Outlaw (I'm guessing he's the mastermind behind Outlaw Miniatures) covered the scale thing on his forums over here.
We wanted to share an image with you to show how our models compare to other games currently on the market. Our game is listed as 35mm and that sometimes can mislead a reader.

Most models are closer to 35mm then they are to 28mm but the standard for years has been 28mm. This number is actually a catch all and does not really explain to gamers how the modesl will fit in terrain or other table requirements.


The Wild West Exodus Kickstarter has been running for a few days now and has blitzed through it's funding goal already reaching 7 stretch goals!! The one I'm most looking forward to seeing is the Nazombie and necrobitch.

The additional content added to the current range makes for a wonderfully rich and diverse setting, coupled with excellent game mechanics (I fap to activation) and expertly sculpted miniatures.

Your group won't go wrong when they add Wild West Exodus to its game portfolio.

Head over to the Kickstarter now pledge a few shillings and get ready for an outfashioned shoot out with some modern weaponry.

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