As you may have already seen, a couple of weeks ago we posted about a promising Kickstarter from Shieldwolf Miniatures. The project, Shieldwolf: War Is Coming,  will bring us a brand new tabletop wargame as well as  several new fantasy armies as well. One of these forces are the Valley Orcs and we have been fortunate to get an early look at the Orc Hero which will be made available through the campaign.

The Orc Hero is equipped with battered and scratch armor plates, animal furs and huge two handed greataxe. He stands upon a rock directing his troops forward into battle. The sculpt and the casting quality of this miniature really are fantastic. The detailing is well defined and the model doesn't have that two dimensional feel that some models suffer from. If this is the standard we can expect from Shieldwolf you really cannot go wrong backing their Kickstarter.

For a more detailed overview and a closer look at the miniature check out the video below:

Hot On The Wire.

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