The results of this years Crystal Brush Awards are in and this year Kirill Kanaev steals the show (and enough dubloons to get wrecked for at least 6 months) with his Daniel Craig lookalike.

 I'm blown away by this, it's almost photogenic. The rest weren't too shabby either.

You can check out the results here , scroll down for the brief overview.

Best Wrath of Kings:

Gold – Frank Kahsar

Best Dark Ages:

Gold – Mary Profitt
Silver- Sam Lenz
Bronze – Katie Martin

Best Science Fiction Single Figure:

Gold – Sam Lenz

Silver – Drew Drescher

Bronze – Katie Martin

Best Science Fiction Unit:

Gold – Adam Huenecke

Silver – John Margiotta

Bronze – Katie Martin

Best Science Fiction Vehicle or Monster:

Gold – Tom Ales

Silver – Damon Drescher
Bronze – Justin McCoy

Best Fantasy Single Figure:

Gold – Sam Lenz

Silver – Ben Komets

Bronze – Katie Martin

Best Fantasy Unit:

Gold – Sam Lenz

Silver – Joe Orteza

Bronze – Marcin Ignasiak

Best Fantasy Vehicle or Monster:

Gold –  James Wappel

Silver – Elizabeth Beckley

Bronze – Marcin Ignasiak

Best Historical Single:

Gold – David Powell

Silver – Tom Ales

Best Historical Unit:

Gold – Tom Ales

Silver – Jeff “Bexley” Andrajack

Bronze – John Margiotta

Best Historical Vehicle:

Gold – David Powell

Silver – Tom Ales

Bronze – Justin McCoy

Best Large Scale:

Gold – Kirill Kanaev

Silver – Jessica Rich

Bronze – Rich Erickson

Best Chibi Style:

Gold – Mark Maxey

Silver – Sam Lenz

Bronze – Drew Drescher

Best Diorama:

Gold – Ben Komets

Silver – Matt DiPietro

Bronze – Tom Ales

Best Overall:
Gold ($10,000) – Kirill Kanaev
Silver ($2,000) – Ben Komets

Bronze ($1,000) – Jessica Rich

Note to self bewbs, space marines and pirates win prizes.

Hot On The Wire.

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