HI-TECH wargaming enthusiasts have been implicated in a string of underwear thefts accross southern England.

Laptop controlled pilotless "Tau Drones" are being used to steal ladies underwear from washing lines across Essex with custom "grappling hook" modifications.

Innovative wargamers have perfected the technique and even taken to TAUnting police with action snaps of their creations in full flight. Skid marked panties are especially sort after by devious collectors.

Talk Wargaming caught up with one such collector he said "This is only the beginning, soon the skies will be blackened and the thrum of Drone engines will be heard far and wide as we seek new ways to enhance our lives and sate our perverse natures".

Stacy Smith from Basildon Essex raged "It was bad enough when those greasy haired freaks were carrying those awful army cases around the streets. Now us ladies have to contend with knickerless days. Don't get me wrong, drones have their place on the wargaming tabletop but it's gone too far now. Games Workshop have a lot to answer for."

Although Civil Aviation Laws prohibit the flying of vehicles within 250 feet of buildings there are currently no laws protecting washing lines. The CIA is said to be monitoring the situation with keen interest.

Hot On The Wire.

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