North Korean lunatic Kim Jong-Un launched a cyber-attack on Toy Soldier giant Games Workshop in a cheeky bid to discover 40k rumors "before the blokes at BoLS".

It is thought the tyrant - known for flamethrower executions and feeding people to his dog - became obsessed with the game after being tabled in two turns by the aforementioned pooch.

A former employee claims he has a string of weird hobbies including toenail and belly button fluff collecting so it's no surprise he's started 40k.

Our informant - who refused to be named incase he loses his other testicle said "His data spies launched an advanced round the clock assault before discovering all manner of rumors leading up to 40k 15th Edition. Luckily for Games Workshop he's keeping this news close to his moobs. Other data stolen from Games Workshop wasn't a priority target, although he did keep some of the saucy emails flying around the office for personal use"

Games Workshop Director and head of Online Communications Nick Donaldson made an official statement "We're not entirely sure how they managed to breach our state of the art three pin password. That's at least 999 attempts! It seems we need to invest in a four pin".

The hackers also stole email addresses, usernames and diverted a shipment of newly cast Wyches to the Dictators personal address.