Codex Skitarii imagery and info is coming through thick and fast now. Here's the latest.

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And the highlights I've found are:
The leaked images of the unit pages and profiles are true.
The leaked weapons list is true.
Martian Ironearth does work like Agrellan Earth paint.
NEW Leadbelcher spray paint coming.  Great news for Necron and Imperial Knight players.
The Skitarii transfer sheet is ONLINE ONLY and costs $20.
The Paint Splatter hint for next week is really cryptic.
Enjoy the data and have a great day.

Options for the Ironstrider Model
Comes with weapons ffor both the Ironstrider and the Sydonian Dragoon. Taser Lance and the Radium Jezzail with the phospor serpenta. There is also the twin linked lascannon and autocannon options

The legs are designed as to be able to be placed on the either side of the model allowing for different poses.

There are dragoon 5 heads that are interchange with the skitarii vanguard boxed set.
For the Ballistarius there are 4 ranger heads to choose from,

Additional Info
the large transfer sheets look to be a single large sheet with hundreds of tranfers
Martian Ironearth is red, like the martian surface. Its a technical paint
There is also a hint at the bottom of page 21 that says Next week: sneaking around........

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