Don your orange jumpsuit and check that explosive collar is still just that bit too tight because in this tutorial I will be showing you how to paint the convicts from Dreadball Xtreme.

Making use of the Army Painters war paints we have a step by step guide for achieving a look similar to those painted by the Mantic studio. In addition to the written guide we have also created a video that takes you through the steps from basecoat to finished miniature.

Video Tutorial

Paints Required

Below you can find the list of Army Painter paints required along with their Citadel equivalent. The colors aren't an exact match but they are close enough.


I primed my miniature using Ash Grey as it would provide a good base of color in which to add the lighter colors to.. I applied this basecoat with an airbrush, however if you don't have access to an airbrush you could use the Uniform Grey or Matt White Spray Primers. Alternatively you could prime the miniature by painting on Ash Grey with a brush however this will be time consuming and not provide an even coat

Prison Jump Suit

The convicts trousers can be painted with Jumpsuit Orange which is a part of the Army Painters Zombicide War Paints. Alternatively you could use Lava Orange but Jumpsuit Orange will give you a color similar to that seen on the example convicts. This should then be followed with a Red Ink wash to provide some definition. Finally a highlight should be applied to the raised edges of the trousers. The highlight I used was a 50/50 mix of Jumpsuit Orange and Skeleton Bone. 

Armor + Glaive

The first step of painting the armor is to basecoat it with Uniform Grey, this will give it a darker base color once the next step, a Dark Tone Ink wash, is applied. With the basecoat and wash completed the first highlight can be done with Wolf Grey. This should be thinly applied along the edges of the armor and glaive. The final step for the armor is an extreme highlight of Wolf Grey and Matt White mixed in 50/50 quantities. This highlight should only be applied to the upper edges of the armor or on the corners.


To start with, paint the vest in the 50/50 mix of Wolf Grey + Matt White, you could use the same batch from the previous step. Finally a layer of Matt White should be applied. It is advised that several thin layers be applied as this will provide a much smoother finish.


The basecoat of Barbarian Flesh should cover quite nicely over the lighter tone of the Ash Grey primer, however you may still need a couple of thin coats to achieve the best finish. The next step is to apply a 'flesh wash' which consists of a 50/50  mix of Red Tone Ink and Strong Tone Quick-shade Ink. Once the wash has dried it is then time to for a final layer of Barbarian Flesh, you could also mix in a little Skeleton Bone in order to lighten the flesh color slightly.

Straps + Boots

When basecoating the armor straps, boots and belt with Matt Black take care not to over spill onto other already painted areas of the model. With the first layer completed you can the apply a highlight of Uniform Grey paying particular attention to the laces and panels on the boots.

Face Mask

The first step to painting the face mask on the helmet is to basecoat it with Monster Brown.  This should then be followed by a Dark Tone wash, make sure that the wash gets into all of the holes on the mask. The final step is to highlight the edges of the mask with Desert Yellow


While this tutorial focused on just a Con (Jack) these steps could also be followed for any of the convict players. If you enjoyed this DreadBall tutorial let us know in the comments along with any other DreadBall teams you would like to see a tutorial for.

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