I am taking a departure from my usual 28mm comfort zone with a look into the 10mm scale Drop Zone Commander. For those of you unfamilar with the game, Drop Zone Commander (DZC) is a sci-fi wargame which features battles on both land and in the air. While vast amounts of vehicles and war machines are available the role of the humble infantryman is not overlooked.

For those of you getting into the game Hawk Wargames, the company behind DZC have produced a 2 player starter set which contains everything you need to get you started with the game. In this unboxing I will be looking at this set and the miniatures it contains in detail.

Video Unboxing


Within the two player starter set you will find the following:

  • United Colonies of Mankind Starter Force:
    • 3x Sabre Main Battle Tanks
    • 3x Rapier AA Tanks
    • 3x Bear APC’s
    • 30x Colonial Legionnaires
    • 3x Condor Medium Dropships
  • The Scourge Starter Force:
    • 3x Hunter Main Grav-Tanks
    • 3x Reaper AA Grav-Tanks
    • 3x Invader APC’s
    • 30x Scourge Warriors
    • 3x Marauder Medium Dropships
  • Starter Urban Battlefield
  • Rulebook
  • UCM & Scourge Reference Sheets and reference table
  • Starter scenario
  • 10 Dice
  • 38" Keyring Tape Measure
  • Card templates and markers
As you can see from the list of contents this boxed set comes with everything you need to start playing DZC. The two forces are numerous enough to form a good starter army for both the UCM and Scourge meaning that you and a friend could quite feasibly split a box between the two of you.

In regards to gameplay peripherals, not only is the rule book included in the set but you also get some extremely useful reference sheets. These sheets are invaluable to anyone who dislikes having to constantly flick through your rule book during games. What is also a nice addition to the boxed set is that you are provided with all the counters, templates and dice that you need. You even get a mini tape measure meaning that that pretty much everything you need to play is contained in the starter set.

Within the box you also receive a good amount of scenery in which to play your first few games with. These take form of 10 card buildings of various styles and sizes and two battle mat posters. The buildings are pre-cut and pre folded and require little in the way of assembly to get them ready for the board.


As I have already mentioned the DZC starter set comes with two forces of miniatures, all of which are in multi-part hard plastic. The UCM are the human forces and their aesthetic reminds me of the type of military vehicles we in games such as Halo and the old Command & Conquer series. For their starter force you get a mix of Dropships (which can be built to carry either 2 or 3 of the ground vehicles), APCs, tanks, and infantry.

The Scourge on the other hand are much more exotic in their look. Their vehicles are very organic looking with lots of curves and soft buttresses. This effect leaves the Scourges technology appearing to have been grown rather than built. The scourges starter set contents matches that of the UCM in its composition with APCS, tanks, infantry and dropships.

While the miniatures are cast in 10mm their detailing is fantastic. Lines are crisp and the quality of the sculpt is really allowed to show. The casting was also impressive. There were no visible imperfections and any mold lines were small and easy to remove with a hobby knife. Assembly was made easy by some helpful instructions and numbered pieces. Being made of hard plastic also helped in their construction as plastic glue could be used.


While I won't be going into much detail of the actual rules in this review, the DZC rulebook deserves a mention as part of this review. The book is not just a stripped down version of the main rulebook it is the main rulebook. It not only contains the core rules for DZC but it also features in depth army lists for all of the forces within DZC (except the Resistance). In addition to the rules it also contains a plethora of background information, detailing breakdowns of the each of the factions technologies,
color photos of the miniatures and even suggestions for paint schemes. The book is an excellent read and perfect for getting into the world DZC.

The quick reference sheets found within the set are also invaluable for the new player. In your first few games you will undoubtedly need to flick back to the rules so have all of the key information on single sheet will save a lot of time.


If you're already a fan of 10mm gaming or like me you're a 28mm veteran who is looking for something different the DZC starter set is perfect. You get everything you need to play the game (bar and opponent) in a single box and for a reasonable price.

The miniatures that you get in this set, as well as looking great, are a great way to start either a UCM or Scourge force. You get an good amount of miniatures which are easy to assemble and get playing with immediately.

For anyone looking to start DZC headover to the Hawk Wargames Website

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