We will be returning to Zombicide in this tutorial to show you how to paint the bloated, boil ridden
and dangerously Toxic Fatty from the Toxic City Mall expansion.

Making use of the Army Painters Zombicde paint sets we have a step by step guide for achieving a look similar to the artwork depicted in the Zombicide rulebooks. In addition to the written guide we have also created a video takes you through the steps from basecoat to finished miniature.

Video Tutorial


  • Basecoat: Brain Matter Beige
I primed my miniature using Brain Matter Beige to provide a nice pallid skin tone. The light color will also provide a much better base to paint bright colors on.  I applied this basecoat with an airbrush, however if you don't have access to an airbrush you could use the Matt White Spray Primer. Alternatively you could prime the miniature by painting on Brain Matter Beige with a brush however this will be time consuming and not provide an even coat.


  • Layer: Wasted Jeans


  • Layer: Mouldy Clothes
For the shirt I went for the green of Mouldy Clothes as it would contast well against the pale flesh. However you are free to choose whatever color you want for this step.


  • Layer: Toxic Boils
When painting the boils make sure that you do not over spill onto the skin around the boils. 

Spikes & Teeth

  • Layer: Boney Spikes
Both the teeth and the spikes can be painted with Boney Spikes. 

Boots & Lanyard

  • Layer: Dead Black
  • Layer: Filthy Suit
As with the shirt feel free to paint these whatever color you like. However when painting the lanyard make sure you have a steady hand and try not to spill over onto the skin. If this does happen a bit of Brain Matter Beige should cover it up nicely. The ID card at the end of the lanyard can be painted with Filthy Suit, if you decided to paint your shoes black then you can also highlight them with this as well.


  • Wash: Zombie Shader
It is now time to add some definition and for this we will be using Zombie Shader. This can be applied to entirety of the miniature, however I would avoid using it on the boils at this stage.

Boil Shader

  • Wash: Toxic Shader
By avoiding painting the boils with Zombie Shader in the previous step the boils will look much brighter once you apply the Toxic Shader to them. 

Bone Highlights

  • Highlight: Zombie Skin
The spikes and the teeth can be highlighted with Zombie Skin. We sure the leave the Boney Spikes showing through at the base of the spikes and between the teeth.

Blood & Gore

  • Layer: Crusted Sore
  • Layer: Glistening Blood
The final steps are to add some gore to the currently clean zombie. The first layer of Crusted Sore should be used to paint the tongue and inside the mouth. You should then paint around the mouth and the hands to achieve a dried blood effect. Finally you can apply the fresher looking blood with Glistening Blood. This should be painted on the currenyly bloodied areas but closer to the mouth and finger tips.


Your Zombicide Toxic Fatty is fully painted and ready to take on some survivors. While this tutorial focused on just the fatty these steps can be followed for any of the Toxic Zombies. If you enjoyed this How to Paint be sure to check out our previous Fatty Tutorial and our Berzerker Fatty Tutorial.

If you found this tutorial helpful please let us know in the comments as well as any other miniatures that you would like to see in future painting tutorials.

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