In this How To Paint we will be returning to the Dreadball pitch and showing you how to paint a Corporation guard in the colors of the Trontek 29ers.

Making use of the Army Painters war paints we have a step by step guide for achieving a look similar to those painted by the Mantic studio. In addition to the written guide we have also created a video takes you through the steps from basecoat to finished miniature.

Video Tutorial

Paints Required

Below you can find the list of Army Painter paints required along with their Citadel equivalent. The colors aren't an exact match but they are close enough.
  • Pure Red / Wild Rider Red
  • Lava Orange / Jakaero Orange
  • Uniform Grey / Dawnstone
  • Ash Grey / Administratum Grey
  • Crystal Blue / Altdorf Guard Blue
  • Electric Blue / Caledor Sky
  • Matt White / White Scar
  • Matt Black / Abaddon Black
  • Gun Metal / Leadbelcher
  • Plate Mail Metal / Ironbreaker
  • Shining Silver / Runefang Steel
  • Dark Tone Ink / Nuln Oil
  • Red Ink / Carroburg Crimson
  • Blue Ink / Drakenhof Nightshade


  • Basecoat: Plate Mail Metal
I primed my miniature using Plate Mail Metal as metal forms the majority of the Guards color. I applied this basecoat with an airbrush, however if you don't have access to an airbrush you could use the Plate Mail Metal Spray Primer. Alternatively you could prime the miniature by painting on Plate Mail Metal with a brush however this will be time consuming and not provide an even coat.

Metal Armor

  • Wash: Dark Tone
  • Drybrush: Plate Mail Metal
  • Highlight: Shining Silver
As we already have the armors base color applied to the miniature it makes sense to start here. The first step is to apply a Dark Tone ink wash across the whole miniature to provide greater depth. This should then followed by a drybrush of Plate Mail Metal. It may not seem to make much difference however the subtly lighter edges is our intention. This should then be followed up with a fine highlight of Plate Mail Metal along the edges of the armor.

Black Armor

  • Basecoat: Matt Black
  • Highlight: Uniform Grey
  • Highlight: Ash Grey
A few of the guard armor plates, notably those in the more vulnerable areas, were basecoated with Matt Black. With the basecoat completed I then applied a highlight of Uniform Grey on  the edges of the armor plates followed by an extreme highlight of ash grey on the upper edges and corners.

Blue Armor

  • Basecoat: Ash Grey
  • Layer: Crystal Blue
  • Wash: Blue Ink
  • Highlight: Crystal Blue
  • Highlight: Electric Blue
The first step is to base coat the areas which will painted in blue with Ash Grey. These areas vary from player to player but they are usually gauntlets, helmet and the round discs on their front and back. This step makes it much easier to get an even coat than if you were to paint directly on the silver. Once you have a good basecoat the first layer is Crystal Blue followed by a Blue Ink wash. For the first highlight you will Crystal Blue again followed by a final thin highlight of Electric Blue on the edges.

White Armor

  • Basecoat: Ash Grey
  • Layer: Matt White
As with the blue, you will need to basecoat the white areas with Ash Grey first in order to get good base color to work from. This can be then be topped off with a layer of Matt White, it is recommended to use several thin layers to achieve an even color.


  • Basecoat: Pure Red
  • Wash: Red Tone Ink
  • Highlight: Lava Orange
To achieve the red glass effect we will start with a baselayer of Pure Red followed by a wash of Red Tone Ink. The lens should then be highlighted with Lava Orange. If you're feeling brave you can also include a small dot of Matt White to appear as a small reflection.


With your Corporation Guard fully painted it is now time for you to tackle the rest of your team. While this tutorial focused on just a guard these steps could also be followed for any of the Corporation players. If you enjoyed this Dreadball tutorial let us know in the comments along with any other Dreadball teams you would like to see a tutorial for.

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