After clearing away the leftover turkey and throwing away the paper hats I was able to continue work on my Deadzone board project.

If you haven't already I would recommend taking a look at Part One of the project for the background and design behind the board.


Since my last project log I have been able to complete my floor of 8x8 tile Deadzone board. I have tried to include as much floor detail as possible without making it difficult to place models on them. This meant that most of my detailing had to be small or flat enough to not cause wobbly model syndrome. With this in mind I went for combination of plastic rods, aluminum mesh and plasticard.

While the main tiles were built mostly from the 3x3" MDF tiles I did make use of the some of the Battlezones tiles as well. For example, the entire lab area was floored with the tiled floor panels to achieve a much smoother surface, much more in keeping with the clinical conditions you'd expect from a laboratory. I also used a few of the half panels to act as a walkway in the maintenance room. This had the advantage of providing a interesting yet functional surface.

Video Log

Next Steps

With the boards base now assembled to next step is to get some paint on it. I'l be using some srpay primers cheap red and brown acrylics to get the base colors down, this will form the 'rust layer'. I will then be using an airbrush and some salt masking to get the effect of rust patches across the floor.

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