Hey guys (and gals, if you really are out there somewhere)! Pimpcron is coming at you with a newly finished terrain piece/objective. The Crashed Ultramarine Land Speeder.

The Space Marine is from The Dark Vengeance set, with his left arm cut off and a new arm glued on. The Land Speeder was a messed up one that I had left over from an eBay lot. It wasn't good enough to sell, so I crashed it. See? 4H did have an impact on me!  The land speeder was missing one of its fins, both weapons, and both of its drivers. And who doesn't have 37 Tac Marines laying around? I just placed the land speeder in a way that covered up all the missing or broken parts, and the rest are just crash damage.

I'm sure many of you do this, but for those of you who don't: Before you throw stuff away, stop and think, "Can I use this for terrain or modding?".

Be sure to keep a look out for interesting textures because when it comes down to it, we don't really paint in this hobby as much as we paint by numbers. We use the texture of the surface and highlight what we want to stand out. If you've ever painted models with poor detail in the sculpt, you'll know what I'm talking about. So different textures of paper, foam, cardboard, plastics, building materials, etc should always set aside.

Packaging Foam like what I used
Place Mat up close

Things like cork make awesome basing materials, as well as plaster scrap, textured wallpaper, different types of wood, or sometimes even fabric. But looking out for textures is the main idea because it makes dry brushing a snap. But be careful gluing foam, because super glue will eat it like a Power Scooter driver at a buffet. I used craft glue which does not do that.

I didn't actually mean for this to be part of some anti-texting law propaganda, but I thought it would be funny if he had an auspex in his hand like he was texting when he crashed. Notice how he hit his head on that rock on the top, causing him to bleed everywhere.

 The rock is some closed cell white packaging foam from some device I bought sometime. I just kept breaking it off until it was all crumbly-looking. Then I glued pebbles on it and painted it all black with a giant brush before priming, otherwise the spray primer would eat the foam if it touched it. This is a good lesson for you kids, always wear protection or you will melt off your penis. Or something.

Just look at all that terrain! And maybe desease!

By making objective or scenery pieces out of trash, not only are you recycling, but you are also giving yourself a reason to fight. I know that tokens for objectives serve their purpose, but two sides trying to either capture or save a crashed pilot is way cooler.

So there you have it, the base is masonite cut into a square, with pebbles glued on and dry brushed. The blood is Khorne Red with highlights of a generic brand of bright red that has some gloss to it. Don't judge me.
Clearly for trains, but just look how scrap cardboard was used!
Does all of this cardboard enthusiasm make me sound homeless?

And for the record, I like making all of my Astartes casualties Ultramarines because I hate Ultramarines. I don't have any real reason for it, I just do.

I can't wait to play with this!

Anything to add? What trash have you turned into a usable terrain piece?

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