Christmas is drawing closer and once again Mantic Games have made their Crazy Box available for the festive period. For those of you unaware, the Crazy Box is a box full of a random assortment of Mantic miniatures. The box costs £25/$39.99/34.99 and contains more than 3 times that value in goodies. Of course the gamble is that you never really know what you’re going to get inside. Still it’s an excellent way to flesh out your existing range or to provide some spare parts for your Bits Box.  

To provide you with some sort of guide as to what you can expect of the Crazy Box, we have got our hands on one and have taken a look to see what treats we received. The unboxing can be found in the video below followed by a breakdown of what we received.



  • Sisterhood Panther Lancers (10) – £19.99/$34.99/€27.49
  • Goblin Spitters (10) - £7/$12.50/€9
  • Helfather - £6.49/$9.99/€8.99
  • Rebels Troops Booster - £9.99/$19.99//€12.99
  • Marauders Specialist Booster - £9.99/$19.99//€12.99
  • Plague Stage 1A - £9.99/$19.99//€12.99 
  • Dreadball Refbot £4.99/$7.99/€5.99
  • 2x Battlezone Accessory Sprues - £2.60/$5/€4
  • Mars Attacks Casualties (3) - £5/$7/€6
  • Mantic Journal £2.50/$.375/€3.25
  • Kings of War Pocket Rulebook – N/A
  • Kings of War poster – N/A
All of these goodies add up to a grand total of £78.54/ $141.19/€103.69 which, when you factor in the initial cost to buy the box, is an incredible saving. So if you’re looking for a last minute Christmas present or you’re just looking to expand your bits box then the Crazy Box is perfect. The version I unboxed contained items from across Mantics entire range however there is a version of the box which contains only miniatures from their Sci-Fi ranges.

You can pick one up over at the Mantic Store, but hurry as they will only be available for a limited time.

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