Merry Christmas!Pimpcron here with some pretty cool Christmas-themed 40k stuff from around the web. For an Imperium that worships a God-Emperor, they seem to have quite a bit of Christmas stuff. Won't their faces be red when the Rapture happens.

Santa ain't taking no shit with his Candy Cane silencer and scope.
Even dah Orks participate in 'Humy holidays.
You know you've already had this idea. But finally someone did it.

Interrogator Chaplain Clause brings forth pointy gifts for those who haven't been a Heretic.
"Kill all Humans" means kills all humans. Magical Old Guys and otherwise.

I knows when you're sleeping. That's when he's gonna do some Psychic Vomit on ya.
Like a bowl full of jelly alright.
Frosty the Necron, was angry deadly soul . . .
Looks like someone retained a little more of their humanity than others did.

Aw, even Chaos gets into it. On second thought maybe he just wants to kill something.
They wouldn't let him play any of their Kroot Hound games . . . :(
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