As it is the Christmas holidays and I have an unusual amount of time on my hands I thought that I would start a project of some sort. I've recently been playing around with Deadzone so the logical conclusion was to build a Deadzone board. But what of? Well there are plenty of ruined cityscapes, industrial complexes and mining colonies already about but there was a distinct lack of space ships. I found only one example which is odd considering how easily the Battlezones scenery lends itself to be a ship interior. With a clear idea in mind I went ahead and planned my Deadzone Ship Interior Board.


The first task was the theme, I could go along the lines of the pristine and sleek enforcer ships or the bulky and functional crafts of the Forge Fathers. I settled on a standard corporation ship for the base design as the Battlezones fit this theme of mass produced craft perfectly. I also have 50 of Mantics Sci-Fi zombies so I thought that a ship that is overrun by the plague as is slowly falling into disrepair would also allow for an interesting board.

With the theme in mind I then drew up a basic layout of the 8x8 tile board. The layout consists of several rooms connected via a single corridor system. The rooms have been assigned different themes which will dictate their paint scheme and contents:


For the boards materials I decided upon MDF, its readily available, comes in a variety of thickiness and is easy to work with. An 18mm thick board was used for the base board, it was cut down to 24" x 30". This allowed for the 8x8 grid consisting of 3" squares with a 3" margin on each side. The tiles on the other hand were cut from 3mm MDF and cut into 64 3x3" squares.

These tiles will then be decorated before being applied to the baseboard with a variety of aluminum mesh and plastic card.

Video Log


That was the first part of my Deadzone board project which I will continue to update you about as I go along. The next steps are to finish applying the base tiles and prep it for painting. Be sure to check back again for Dead Zone Board Project part 2.

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