Today, your close and trusted friend Pimpcron brings you another fight to the death! Astra Militarum Ogyrns vs Tyranid Warriors! Will brute strength and stupidity prevail over razor claws and squishy insides? You'll have to read and find out!

  • The purpose of this Death Match is to see which unit is the best bang for its points. All units are using base equipment with no upgrades or wargear unless the point costs don’t match up.
  • Rules: 2 turns of shooting, followed by close combat until death.
  • Strictly Using Mathhammer but rounding decimals to the nearest number.
  • No Cover.
  • Both units shoot and both are counted as assaulting unless Overwatching would be more advantageous.

Today is an interesting fight because they are matched yet different in so many ways. Warriors and Ogryn both have 3 wounds a piece, and 3 attacks base. They both have guns that shoot at Assault 3. But then things start to take an interesting turn. Ogryns are Strength and Toughness 5 while Warriors are 4 in both. But Warriors have a 4+ save while Ogryns only have a 5+. Warriors are better at shooting, but have Strength 4 guns. Ogryns are worse at shooting, but have Strength 5 guns.

Shooting Round 1:

Tyranid Warriors deal 2 unsaved wounds from their Devourers.
Ogryn deal 2 unsaved wounds with their Ripper Guns.

Shooting Round 2:

Tyranid Warriors deal 2 unsaved wounds, killing one Ogryn and wounding another.
Ogryn deal 2 unsaved wounds to the Warriors, killing one and wounding another.

Assault Round 1:

The Ogryn assault, taking advantage of their Hammer of Wrath, causing a second wound on the injured Warrior.
The Warriors decide to assault too, and strike at a higher Intitiative with four attacks each on the charge, causing 4 unsaved wounds! That kills the injured Ogryn and another one!
The Ogryn strike back with their remaining  2 guys, dealing 2 unsaved wounds which kills the wounded Warrior and puts a wound on another.

It’s at this point that the Ogryn have lost combat by 2, and their “Bone Head” Sargent gives them a leadership of 7 and they are Stubborn. So there is almost a 50/50 chance they would fail and due to their lower Initiative, be swept. But since you are most likely to roll a 7 on two D6, I will assume for this Death Match that they succeed.

Assault Round 2:

The 5 remaining Warriors strike first, and the Ogryn lose 2 more wounds, killing a third Orgyn and putting a wound on another.
The Ogryn fight with everything they have left, barely giving another unsaved wound to the Warriors.
Once again, a nearly 50% chance they could fail and be swept, but let’s see what happens if they succeed.

Rest of Game:

Warriors continue to do 2 unsaved wounds, killing the next-to-last Ogryn.
The last Ogryn strikes and deals 1 wound.
In the following two turns, the Ogryn will be chopped down while only doing 1 more unsaved wound.

 Tyranid Warriors win! 

Tyranids may not have won a game since the new codex, but this time they did! (I kid, I kid)

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