In this week's installment of Death Match, pimpcron pits moody emo Mandrakes vs vaguely racist Ork Boyz. Can the newly revamped Mandrakes pull this off?

  • The purpose of this Death Match is to see which unit is the best bang for its points. All units are using base equipment with no upgrades or wargear unless the point costs don’t match up.
  • Rules: 2 turns of shooting, followed by close combat until death.
  • Strictly Using Mathhammer but rounding decimals to the nearest number.
  • No Cover.
  • Both units shoot and both are counted as assaulting unless Overwatching would be more advantageous.
  • For the purposes of Dark Eldar Power From Pain, Shooting 1 is Turn 1, Shooting 2 and Assault 1 is in turn 2, and Assault 2 is turn 3.

The Mandrakes have recently received some love from GW and they are significantly better than before. I think this a pretty neat challenge because the Mandrakes clearly out match the Boyz in shooting and protection from being shot, and they aren't anything to sneeze at in close combat either. But it's hard to deny the Boyz power in the assault with 3 base attacks including their 2 weapons, plus Furious Charge on the first turn of combat. Let's see how they fair.

Shooting Round 1:

Mandrakes use their Assault 2 Strength 4 AP 4 Baleblasts to lay 7 Boys low.
The Boyz fire wildly in every direction, somehow killing 2 Mandrakes despite their Stealth and Shrouded.

Shooting Round 2:

5 more Boys have killed by Baleblasts.
One more Mandrake is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Assault Round 1:

Mandrakes choose to Overwatch and kill a Boy.
At Initiative 5, the Mandrakes kill 3 more Boyz before the Orks have a chance to kill 4 mandrakes.
Losing, by 1 the Mandrakes would still be at leadership 7 which is statistically likely to be passed.

Assault Round 2:

The last 3 Mandrakes manage to slay 1 more Boy before losing 2 of themselves to wild Ork attacks.
We will assume the same leadership outcome for the Mandrakes.

Assault Round 3:

The final Mandrake fails to kill before he is murdered.

Ork Boys Win!

Even though they still lost, I don't feel too bad about the Mandrakes. They were fighting a 2-1 battle against 20 Ork Boyz and still managed to scar the Ork unit so deeply that ANY other Dark Eldar unit could mop the rest of the squad up. Not bad for what was once one of the worst units in the game.
Now where is the love for my Pyrovores?

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