Notice the superb giveaway highlighted in the image.

Games Workshop have delved back into murky waters with their new "Warhammer News" app. It's availble right now on istores, ishop, ermm, ibasket or whatever the hell you Apple lot call it.

Oh if you're an android user you're shit out of luck because the tech servitors at GW HQ are archaic. Us lot don't get stuff.

Hold on a minute... I knew there was a reason I got this iPhone 6+ [insert retarded comment about Apple products being better].

I AM AN APPLER NOW (is that what we're called?)

Buying the worst phone I've owned since I discovered Android finally makes sense. I can sign up and download an automated GW spamming system!!!

I jest of course - trying to be positive here people, I've snagged this free (control yourself - I did say free) Games Workshop application on my iPhone and right now I'm having a butchers.

  • looks nice
  • order page
  • order page
  • order page
  • order page
  • order page
  • last item is a free wallpaper AWESOME (when you finish masturbating read on)

Don't say we don't look after our readers here.

As some of you may know I like to trawl the forums for general community feedback when it comes to shiny new shit like this.  Lets have a look on Dakka to see what the hobbies intellectual following think.

A self contained, branding laden, single purpose RSS feed reader seems exactly like something the lead paint chewers at GW corporate would think was a good idea.
He has a point.

Funny, downloading an app which has the only purpose of spamming you with advertisements. I'm surprised GW isn't charging for it.
He too has a point.
"App that regurgitates all our content in mobile-friendly form but otherwise adds nothing" is the default in my industry, the news business. I wonder if GW thinks of itself as constantly providing eagerly-awaited new content (codexes, expansions, models, etc etc) and adopted a news model....or maybe this kind of lazy app is common in multiple industries.
Big words - Eurgh! Still a point in there.... I think.
And it's not like people who actually care don't already know what's being released before GW actually announces it anyway....
Precisely. Give this man another pussy because he nailed the first.

We all know whats out soon anyway so development of this Application is surely a waste of time?

What do you think?

Final thoughts.

They need to up the content on it or it's uninstall time.

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