I had a few emails this week from various crowdfunding enthusiasts asking to have their projects featured so we're definitely onto something with this. One particular email was from the guys at Pro Gloria Miniatures asking to have their Indigogo project mentioned...

Alarm bells began to ring. My new columns name is RUINED - Kickstarter is not the only crowdfunding site. Damn.

So, a quick shuffle is in order. Ahem...

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first episode of Project Crowdfunder.

Right then, on to the...

New Kickstarter Crowd Funding Projects

TheXLC Pre-Printed MDF Wargame Terrain

This is a really cool idea, pre printed/painted strong terrain that looks good. We'll try to get our hands on some of this stuff for a future review. Check out Petes opinions over here.

Wargame terrain you can just stick together and use! A Robust, quick and awesome way to set up your table.

Love gaming but hate painting? Don’t have the time to put together fiddly terrain and painstakingly detail your buildings? We have the solution! Hooray!! The XLCs new range of 28mm pre-printed buildings are simple to assemble and will make your table look awesome...if we do say so ourselves!
Our terrain comes pre-printed and ready to assemble. We even include the glue. Each design is laser cut from printed 3mm MDF, all you need to do is peel off the protective backing and glue together. That’s it!
To make this product possible we have developed a technique whereby we can print onto a substrate, laminate to a 3mm MDF panel, apply a protective covering and then laser cut. This allows us to produce precision cut, printed components without scorching to any of the printed surfaces.
 We have the equipment, we have the designs and we have already produced a small initial production run. What we need now is to buy in the material in bulk to enable us to supply the items at a competitive cost. If this Kickstarter is successful we plan to expand on the range with different designs and themes and eventually bring it to a wider market.
We need you!! Help us achieve our goal by pledging now!

Anarchy Models are back with another run of their previously  funded (£20797 out of £1300) and successful stencil range. I haven't used these so perhaps our readers can share their personal views on how good or bad they are. They certainly look amazing from the images.

HS stencils are:
  • Fully Re-useable - with proper care, HS Stencils will last for years.
  • Semi-transparent - you can see where you are putting the stencil
  • Washable and solvent proof. Simply clean with a suitable substance for the paint you are using.
  • Thin and Flexible.
  • Will produce a softer edge - In some cases you may not want a really crisp edge like the HD stencils provide.
  • Not Sticky - are used either freehand or by taping to the model/item
  • Quick to use -  you do not have to spend time making sure the stencil is stuck to the item, and in some cases you may not need to mask off the rest of the item.
  • Easy to use - create amazing paintwork with even a basic level of skill

Cyntopia - the future is now

Everything about this game jumped out at me from the start. The artwork, the renders, the setting. It reminds me of this old Amiga game I used to play called "Syndicate" for some reason. Top draw stuff with a great distribution team behind it.

A new co-operative, fast-paced, cyberpunk tabletop boardgame. Tactical combat and detailed miniatures await you in the dystopic future.

Cyntopia - the future is now is a fast-paced and action packed tabletop boardgame taking place in a dystopic future. You will fight huge corporations as an Edgewalker, making your living while flirting with the Edge. Will you fight or will you fall?
While easy to understand and fast to play the game features enough optional rules to provide an intense gaming experience even for the die-hard RPG enthusiast. The game will be produced in English and German in addition the rules will be available for download in Spanish too.
This project will be realized by our team of independent artists, it will be produced by LudoFact (known for producing Zombicide and other CoolMiniOrNot games) and shipped by Wayland Games.

Plastic Landsknecht Box from Pro Gloria Miniatures

Our first Indiegogo campaign is these awesome looking soldiers from Pro Gloria Miniatures. The detailing is fantastic - especially the faces.

Good day to you all out there and thank you very much in advance for all your support and helping us to fulfil our biggest dream: A plastic box full of Lansknechts!

Since we started this business venture, we always had such a big project like a plastic box in mind but never had the chance, contacts and most important the financial resources to bring this thought to life. As we grew bigger and eventually find a company to produce and a sculptor to make the figures we finally decided to start this project and give it a go.
We made some bad experience and learned that things don't come easy and good things do take their time (a long one to be sure!) but after all the hard work, we are finally here for the last, big step.
As you may have already seen, most of the sculpting work is already done but "only" the big steel plastic-injection mould is missing which is by far the most expensive part of this big-ticket project. And for that reason we need all you hobbyists, painters, collectors and gamers out there to support us.
With this Indiegogo-Campaign we want to produce a full plastic-set filled with wargamer goodness and eventually many other lead miniatures plus more plastic if our funding-goal is exceeded by far!

Last Weeks Projects

Bestial Wars

Of last weeks projects the one that stood out as the most ambitious was without question bestial wars. I felt that the figure quality was a little lacking - even for 12mm. The lore and setting looked exceptional though. Regardless, as you can see below the campaign is flailing a little with only a further 9% closer to its goal. With 12 days left it's not looking good here is it.

Minion Miniatures - The Monsters of Underdeep

At the other end of the spectrum stands Minion Miniatures who smashed their target with 338% of their target funded.

If you have a kickstarter you want us to feature please get in touch on Twitter via @talkwargaming email to talkwargaming@live.com or send us a message via the contact form at the bottom of every page.

Hot On The Wire.

Tutorial: Painting Warlord's Plastic Roman Legionaries

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