Greetings wargamers, we've got another product review for you today!

The guys over at Systema Gaming have just released the first building in their new Futura City range, the FCB-1

If you're not familiar with them, Systema Gaming produce a range of great looking laser cut MDF terrain. We've actually looked at a few of their other products in the past. You can check them out here and here.

This new set is a move away from the military building style of their previous sets, and towards a more civilian range.

Obviously these buildings would be perfect for Infinity, but they would also work for just about any other futuristic game. They could work for modern-near future games without too much of a problem too.

So, onto the review!

There are three different sets in the Futura City range so far. FCB-1, theEnclosed Garden, and the Holo Banners.
Holo Banners


Encolsed Garden


It's usually quite hard to make what is essentially a box have any sort of character, but Systema have done a really great job in breaking up the "box" nature of the building to give it its own feel.

From the pattern on the pavement, to the slightly jutting windows, this piece has a distinctive sci-fi feel to it.

I think a table filled with these buildings would look excellent! Like a future New York, filled with bright advertisements and neon lights.

Character gets a 10/10 for this set! 


Like all the systema pieces I've looked at in the past, this set is incredibly detailed.

Ground Floor

One of the nicest things about this kit is the detailed interior. Split into separate rooms, each level is really playable, meaning you're not just left with a brick of static terain on your table

Ground Floor

First Floor

I especially like the fact that the windows are an additional piece which gives them this nice sunken look from the inside. There's also doors on all the upper floors, meaning with several sets, you could construct a terrace of these buildings.

Second Floor Balcony

If I had one tip for this set, it would be not to blue the window decoration before painting. These windows are perfect for a spot colour, and if, like me, you glue them on, it will make them that bit harder to paint. 

Top Floor

On the top floor you have an optional A/C unit which is a nice little feature. This is also where you would stick one of the banners. 

The banners themselves really add another dimension to the building and help it stand out on the table.

The Garden

The enclosed garden doesn't sound like much on paper, but I actually think it's one of the most versatile parts of the kit. Anyone who's built a city table knows that it's easy to make a city that has very little colour variation. And sometimes it can be hard to work greenery into the board in a natural way.

This set gives you the perfect opportunity to do that. Fill the planets with various colours of foliage to help give some variation to the board. You could even put some trees in them to help break up the board further.

And what's nice is this kit can either be used against the building, or put the two pieces together and you've got a little stand alone garden.

The Garden

The detail of this set is really just excellent, so is getting a 10/10 from me! 


Like all of systema's products, these kits are top quality. Everything goes together quickly and easily and much of it will hold together without glue. Though I do recommend using glue to make sure the structure is strong when lifting floors to place models inside.  

The only thing I had to complain about across the whole set is that on some of the pieces, the part that connects the piece to the surrounding wood is a little thick, meaning they can be quite hard to pop out with your fingers. If you want to avoid snapping pieces, you need to use a sharp knife to get the pieces out (which is what I should have been doing anyway, but I was being inpatient)

Quality gets a 9/10

It's a big 'un

Value and Service

At 32 Euros for a 3 story building, I think the FCB-1 is a very reasonably priced structure.

But the real value of the range comes from how easy it is to expand. 2 enclosed garden elements are on 12 Euros, giving you a nice footprint and some much needed city variation for a low price.

The extras like additional A/C units and holo banners are also very competitively priced.

And what I consider to be the best part about the range is the fact you can purchase individual middle floors, at 12 Euros each.

This means that you can expand the height of your buildings over time. You could buy enough sets to cover the footprint of your board to begin with, and add to the height over time. Your city evolving over time.

The service from Systema, as ever, was excellent. 

Value and Service get a 10/10

So overall, I'd give this set a 9.75/10

An excellent new range of sci-fi city kits that has so much potential for expansion! 

We will finish off with a scale shot to show just how tall this kit is. It will be perfect for placing those pesky snipers in!

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That's all for today folks, pop us a comment below to let us know what you think of this new set.

Happy Wargaming!

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